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Yoruba Nation Protest: One Love Foundation Drags FG To Ecowas Court Over The Killing Of  Miss Jumoke in Lagos.



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Yoruba Nation Protest: One Love Foundation Drags FG To Ecowas Court Over The Killing Of  Miss Jumoke in Lagos.

One love foundation as led by the group president, Chief Patrick Eholor, has sued and dragged the Federal Government of Nigeria to court over the recent killing of a certain miss Jumoke allegedly by officers of the Nigeria Police Force in Lagos state on Saturday 3rd July 2021, during the peaceful protest of Yoruba nation group in Ojota area of Lagos State, Nigeria and the said applicant who filed this suit, Chief Patrick Eholor is also by this suit, requesting the Ecowas court to put to halt the continuous intimidation, suppression, harassment, killing, and sometimes shooting of peaceful protesters, who in pursuit of there fundamental rights to peaceful protest are routinely killed, arrested and locked up in different security agencies cells all over Nigeria by the different Nigeria state security agencies.

The details of the case, which was filed today and copies made available to newsmen centred on the
the legality of the clampdown, sometimes banning by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigeria Police
Force,DSS, and other security agencies from further proscribing, criminalizing and banning all manners of lawful protest in Nigeria.

Speaking on the case, the legal representative of one love foundation, Ihensekhien Samuel Jnr, maintained and stated that peaceful protest is not and can never be a crime in Nigeria and it is protected by the provisions of the Nigeria constitution, which guarantees the right to freedom of expression and information and also Articles 8 and 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and also articles 7, 9 & 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976, which all treaties, laws Nigeria is a signatory to, so he wonders why protest is being demonized and sometimes criminalized by state actors in Nigeria, he also said with the recent clampdown on Omoleye Sowore during a protest at Unity Fountain in Abuja, Nigeria.

That one love foundation did write vide an open letter to the Nigeria state, Nigeria Police Force, on the need to maintain fairness and protect lawful protesters during a protest, that uptil now, no official communication, nor response to the group demands and letter, wherein the above has emboldened the need, why one love foundation has now approached the Ecowas court to determine in finality, the illegality of the continuous clampdown on peaceful protesters by the  Nigeria security agencies.

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