Tuesday, 21 January, 2020

CEO Chowen Oil&Gas,Chief Owen Obaseki Felicitates With Engr Osaro Odiase On His Birthday

Chief Owen Chamberlain Obaseki JP,CEO Chowen Oil and Gas Ltd celebrates his bossom friend , Engr Osaro Odiase JP Md/Ceo Nagos Projects Ltd.


It is the 51st birthday anniversary of my bosom friend today, a business mogul and a giant in the oil and gas industry; a rare breed born with a large heart; an astute workaholic; an indefatigable administrator, an efficient propagator; and an effective executor who sets the earth spinning with his winning ways; a father of six (6) happily married to a beauty queen; Ladies and gentlemen join me in celebrating this illustrious son of ours who daily contributes to the building of human capacity; a jolly good fellow in high spirits; a convivial friend; a genuine patriot; Engr Osaro Odiase CEO NAGOS PROJECTS LTD, who today marks his 51st birthday anniversary.

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My dear friend, you are one who sticks closer than a brother. Your exceptional prudence in living day to day which you also display in the running of your enterprises, bears testament to your sagacity and natural tendency of surmounting the vicissitudes of life and making life flow according to your own pace. You have understood the laws of the universe and have subjected them to your bidding.


You have attained that deep and abiding bliss and have unravelled the hidden secrets of life. With your prudent, strong and comely soul, you have constantly manifested the grace of God almighty in your life; the same grace that has brought you this far and which have distinguished you and portrayed to the world, your spirit of excellence.

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You deserve all the good things of life. Do revel in the euphoria of your anniversary today. Like the comedian Fred Allen says, “We get to live life once, but if worked right, once is enough”. You have LIVED and not merely existed and you deserve to be celebrated in pleasantries and pageantry. Play the music; dance to life and toast to the love and sweetness of the universe; for Shakespeare wrote, ” If music be the fruit of love, play it on”.

On this auspicious occasion of your birthday, I wish you the best of life. May you grow more in wisdom and may God almighty bless you with longevity and grant you more fruitful years.

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Chief Owen Chamberlain Obaseki JP
The OTAIFOH of Uromi Land

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