Creation of DIDA is Great Industrial Development Milestone for Delta – Roland E. IDimi (UBIOMOR)



The creation of the Delta State Investments Development Agency (DIDA) by H.E. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa was a great milestone accomplishment for Industrial Development in Delta State. It can be said that before the creation of DIDA there was no Government institution in Delta State charged with the responsibility of investment development and drive in Delta State. This was one fundamental reason, together with insecurity, why most companies move out of Delta State to Rivers States and Lagos State.

This milestone accomplishment of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa shows he has the ideas of the core of the problems we face in the State and possible solutions. The SMART agenda of the Governor gains by commendation in this regards. Having said this, I must quickly say it is time to move smarter to completely change our narrative as to attain greatness. Delta State economic development plan should be centered on industrial development, trade and investments.

To this end, I will call on the Governor of Delta State to create Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment with a primary mandate to master plan and develop industrial estates or City in different locations in Delta State with strategic geography and geology, in partnership with the private sector. The Ministry also need to brand and market the industrial investments potentials of Delta State to the Global Investments Community as most countries and investors do not even know the industrial, manufacturing, agriculture investments potentials and opportunities in Delta State. The DIDA should become an agency of the Ministers of Industries, Trade and Investments.

One most import thing is the establishment of Delta State EXIM Financial Institution or Banks to provide loans to business men or women who have a viable plans to exports products from Delta State to other states of Nigeria or overseas. The Delta State EXIM would provide opportunities for cash crops produce like timber, cocoa, robber, palm oil, ethanol to easily be exported to other states of the Federation and overseas.

Apart from the Delta State Investments Development Agency and the Delta State EXIM to be established, other agencies like the Sapele Industrial Corporation, Warri Industrial Corporation, Asaba Industrial Corporation, Delta State Inter-State Trade Agencies, Ogwachuckwu Agro Development Corporation etc should be developed as divisions of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment for effective industrial development in the State.


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