Tuesday, 21 January, 2020

Edo Is Not One Man’s Property – Edo People Kick Against Godfatherism 


The internal wrangling in the EDHA is the centre of political discourse in Nigeria today, from national TV stations through to state TV stations and various other platforms, the current imbroglio in Edo State has taken centre stage in talk shows and different forums.

Surprisingly, Edo state is fully controlled by the ruling APC in the State House Of Assembly with all the 24 members coming from the same party. So why the bitter feud between some members of the house and the State Governor?

In view of this many Edolites are coming out openly to voice their opinions.

From a cross-section of opinions monitored on different platforms from the print media to TV shows, social media and even street credibility majority are of the view that no man Is God and Godfatherism should be completely kicked out from the state.

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Many see the political stalemate as a major distraction to the Obaseki led government  and deliberately orchestrated to derail the focus of the current administration.

They claim it is the voice of Jacob and hands of Esau they feel.

According to Daniel Onobume “Edo is not Lagos. Why with over a year to the elections these so-called godfathers are overheating the polity? No one is accusing the governor of not working instead they are fighting him because he refuses to share taxpayers money with a greedy few. Pls, let Obaseki deliver on the mandate he was elected to do’.

According to an activist and public affairs analyst, Pharez Okpere on politics today, monitored live on ITV he accused Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as the foundation of the problems experienced in the state.

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According to him, Oshiomhole should realise that he is the National Chairman of APC and not the governor of Edo State and as such should not continue to determine who should be commissioners, special advisers and other appointees, he reminded him that others also played roles in his own emergence as the Governor of Edo State. He further enjoined Adams Oshiomhole to please allow Obaseki deliver on his promises.

So many others have taken to various  social media platforms to voice out their anger over the insistence by Adams Oshiomhole in overseeing the governance of the state.

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In the words of Favour Akhere

“Many people are not looking at the predisposing factors of this crisis, for those that are talking like saints is there any of these elected members that came through free and fair primaries? Democracy was not in danger when the impunity of imposition favoured them, democracy is in coma when they fall victim of political circumstances. Let me remind you if care is not taken the party will be the ultimate loser,the state is not a political sole proprietorship business where one man superintends every political decision for his own selfish and egoistic interest.

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They are wasting their time with Obaseki’s good governance, heaven will not fall, if it has to fall let it fall and destroy those stomach infrastructure leaders. Edo state is not one man’s property.”

What is your view ?

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