Friday, 21 February, 2020

Edo people in diaspora endorse Ogiemwonyi ahead of Obaseki in EDO2020 Election.

Edo people in diaspora endorse Ogiemwonyi ahead of Obaseki in EDO2020 Election.

Engineer Chris Ogiemwonyi seems to be enjoying a series of endorsement of recent by various political stakeholders in the state and in the diaspora.
A group of Edo people living in Spain Known as Edo Diaspora Network For Good Governance, EDNGG, has thrown its weight behind Eng Chris Ogiemwonyi saying the former NNPC director is the right man for the office of the Governor at this uncertain times.
Speaking to our reporters the spokesman of the group, Mr Gideon Ehigie said Obaseki was a waste to the collective people of Edo State.

‘The state needs a people-oriented governor who can manage both human and financial resources to the betterment of the state.
It is quite unfortunate that we presently have a government of waste just because of petty politics.
Obaseki has proven not to be a good administrator and we must make concerted efforts to right this wrong which we placed upon ourselves.
Look at the so-called projects of this administration and lets critically analyze it and see if we can keep up with this culture of waste as a people.
The new central hospital which was built by the previous administration of Oshiomhole was left to rot even tho equipment was already purchased for its smooth take-off, today the main central hospital is a death trap full with dilapidated buildings and leaking roofs when the initial plan was for the old central hospital to move into the new complex so the old building can give way for a new modern structure to spring up.
Obaseki closed the Tayo Akpata University and allowed it’s student to turn hopeless while putting lecturers and non-academic staff into the already saturated labour market, he replicated this in other institutions like the College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi and Edo State School of Nursing.
look at the waste in the so-called Edo hub situated at the old ICE building? Obaseki renovated a block and left the main building to rot in decay.
The list is endless, what we need now is a government that has the experience and administrative capacity to deliver.
We are supporting Ogiemwonyi today because of his proven track records in the oil and gas sector. Ogienmwonyi has proven to be a perfect administrator and this is what we need now in Edo state. We need to reevaluate ourselves and be sincere with ourselves. In the oil and gas sector, a person can not get to the apex of his career without been a perfect administrator.

We need a government devoid of deceit and one that is committed to serving sincerely.
Obaseki has signed no fewer than 150 MOU with different companies both in Nigeria and overseas, these MOU’s were celebrated with pictures and fanfare and yet we have not seen a single picture of Obaseki commissioning a project.
How long are we going to endure in such deceit? We are calling on our Edo brothers across the world to come together and support Ogiemwonyi for a credible leadership that is sure to deliver the dividends of democracy to our people.
We are planning to hold a mass rally in Europe for Ogiemwonyi in coming weeks.
A look at Ogiewonyi’s 9 cardinal agenda on security, education, preventive health care delivery system, robust agricultural development and promotion, solid mineral development, infrastructural provisions, efficient public service delivery, sports development and Rural-Urban migration clearly shows Ogiemwonyi is well prepared for the job ahead.
“We have decided to endorse Eng. Chris Ogiemwonyi based on his track records of achievements during his career in the petroleum industry and as a minister of state for works.
And we have the confidence that he would re-enact that feat if given an opportunity to serve the state,” the group said

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