How Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma  Eradicated Sexual Assault Cases And Exam Malpractices On Campus


Universities   across   Nigeria are being challenged on their approaches to issues surrounding sexual violence, in how they support students who have experienced sexual harassment and how they disclosed the number of sexual assaults that have happened on campus.

The present statistics on sexual abuse for marks by lecturers in our Higher institutions is staggering and terrifying.

It is reported that more than 90% of sexual assault victims on University /college campuses do not report the assault.

The present trending issue of the ASUU Chairman of Ambrose Alli University ,Dr Monday Igbafen who is presently enmeshed in a case of sex for marks scandal involving a female victim in 2011, prompted our reporters to do a research on the problems .

Our first port of call was the University Campus at Ekpoma.

This case surrounding  the issue of The ASUU Chairman   unfortunately is not the subject matter for todays discourse as we learnt the matter is presently been handled by the   Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee (SSDC)  of the institution ,however our findings prompted this discourse.

On interaction with the school community , students and parents it sounded alien to their ears when we mentioned sexual harassment for marks.

Students interviewed by our correspondents said for two sessions now exams and admission process are done electronically.

Ambrose Alli University operates a Computer Based Examination (CBE)| this by implication means that students write their exams electronically and immediately they submit their papers the results are out for the student to see.

This sounded like magic but we confirmed it to be totally true,this process has completely eradicated blocking of lecturers and sorting by students as well as sexual harassment for marks.


Further benefit of this awesome initiative by the management of Ambrose Alli University is the eradication of human errors and incompetence.

Students are seen taking their educational pursuit seriously ,this has led to optimal level of class attendance.

If you do not attend classes ,you do not read then you surely can not pass as EXAMS are done electronically and results displayed in real time.

Students are exposed to digital technology from the first day of admission.

Indeed Ambrose Alli University has totally actualized a paradigm shift in governance from analog to digital .

In conclusion we discovered that the Student Union Government elections are done electronically as well,as long as you are qualified to vote as a student all you need to do is login to the school APP and you cast your vote irrespective of your present   location,so a student could be in Lagos and yet vote for the leaders of his choice ,this again has completely eradicated violence associated with such elections, results are displayed as each votes are cast.

The roadmap to success lies in the tenets of the mission of colleges and universities: research the problems, use the findings to educate others and engage communities to make change.

Ambrose Alli University  is sure setting  a model for other institutions to follow.





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