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Wednesday, 16 October, 2019

I Left My Marriage Because Of Domestic Violence – Monalisa Chinda (Video)

Veteran actress Monalisa Chinda has stated that issues with domestic violence were the reason why she left her marriage.

The actress made the revelation in a recent interview where she opened up on the incessant beatings she received in the hands of her ex-husband.

She mentioned that the abuse started a few months into the marriage and she thought it was going to end with the arrival of her daughter, but it never ended.

In 2017, Monalisa advised women to stop “provoking” their husbands or instigating violence by being the first to throw punches.

She said:


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“As much as I detest all forms of violence against women and men, women should quit provoking their man by beating, punches and slaps.

“I’m a domestic violence [enthusiast]. I always research when I hear fresh stories about domestic violence. Half the time, it is the women. God just gave us this running Okra mouth. Women, don’t fight with people who are stronger than you.”

Speaking further, she revealed that actresses are most of the time quiet about issues of sexual harassment going on in the Nigerian movie industry due to the fear of stigmatization and the negative ripple effect it will have on their career, Accelerate TV reported.

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She, however, clarified that she has never been a victim.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable for someone to come out and say I was cornered to sleep with a producer because of a role. They keep quiet about it because of their careers. Apart from that, the society stigmatises these women. So you just swallow your pride.

“When you are outside the shores of Africa, women are heroes for coming out to speak about sexual abuse, but here (it is different),” she said.

Watch the video below:

#BBNaija Laila Ijeoma@LailaIjeoma

Monalisa Chinda says she left her marriage because of domestic violence.

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