Sunday, 19 January, 2020

I Passed Through Hell When I Lost My Voice -Tekno

I went under the radar for a bit because I was sick and It all started at an event in Ghana, I performed with Wizkid and Davido but somehow I cracked my voice on stage that night. So when I got back to the hotel, I told my guys I didn’t want to go out again because I really injured my voice and just wanted to rest.

The next day, I had a show In Togo, I performed, still stressed the voice and came back to Lagos but it wasn’t getting better, so I went to see a doctor, he put a camera down my throat but he didn’t really see anything so he just gave me antibiotics and said I should be fine in a week or two but I didn’t get better and by this time I had started cancelling shows.

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So I decided to fly to London, saw the first doctor and he said ‘your vocal cord is just irritated’ he gave me drugs and said  I should be fine in about two weeks, but nothing changed.

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So I decided to fly to Los Angeles and again I saw the first doctor, he said the same thing. At this stage I was losing my mind already because it didn’t make sense anymore, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t talk, sometimes they tell me to stay quiet for a week (laughs).

Some people around me started saying it may be from Ubi Franklin because my contract was going to expire in a few minths and he didn’t want me to sing again, some others said It could be Iyanya, someone else said It could be a girl, another person offered to take me to see Babalawo, I was really getting frustrated. Someone even told me to buy a goat and three machetes for sacrifice

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This all happened over a period of like four months, no work, no recording, no performing, I was just spending money from hospital to hospital. Then I started doing vocal therapy and it got to a point I just thought doing surgery was the best option.

I eventually flew to New York to see another doctor who promised me I’ll be fine and sing again. At this point, I had spent a lot of money and done all sorts of weird and disgusting tests and scans.

The surgery option I opted for was the one that had to do with them putting a magnet inside my throat. The surgery was done by a robot, they cut me in five different places. After the surgery, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t sneeze. It was hell.

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