IPOB Call for Elections Boycott is Highest Level of Mumurism – IPND BOT Chairman:



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has the right to agitate for self determination. However, the manner and approach they go about their agitation is most important.

In my view, IPOB boycotting elections of Federal Republic of Nigeria is one of the highest levels of mumurism I have seen in the land. The international community does not respect the agitations of mobs or social-cultural organizations, when it is not supported by their elected representatives in Government at all levels.

IPOB will not be taken seriously by well meaning and rational minds nationally and the international if they cannot mobilize their followers to win just a counselorship or Local Government Chairmanship, let alone house of Assembly, House of Representative, Senator or Governor of the Stated within the South East Geopolitical Zone. They have to prove their agitation represent majority views of their people through complete taking over of Government within their geopolitical zone.

My advise to the IPOB and other groups agitating for self determination is that they should conduct themselves peacefully and also fully participate in the elections of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Wisdom dictates that they will need the instruments and resources of Government to be able to realize their objectives. More reasons they have to come out in mass to vote peacefully and ensure their votes counts in this election.

BOT Chairman,
Indigenous People of Niger Delta (IPND).

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