Thursday, 02 April, 2020

Iranian politician, Hamzeh offers $3m for the head of Donald Trump

An Iranian Parliamentarian, Ahmad Hamzeh, has disclosed a $3million ‘cash prize for anyone who can kill the United States, US, President, Donald Trump.

Hamzeh, who is a parliamentary speaker from central Kerman province made the disclosure while calling for a retaliation, following the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by troops of the US.

Addressing lawmakers today, Hamzeh declared that the late Soleimani would be more dangerous to US in death than he was in life because Iranians are determined to avenge his death.

He also berated Trump administration’s pretext of assassinating Soleimani in a ‘preventative strike’ because he was plotting to kill Americans.

He said: “We will pay a three million dollar award in cash to whoever kills Trump.

“Will your embassies in the region be safe? If your embassies are plotting to kill our innocent people, are we allowed to destroy them?

“Are your military bases and centers in the region for benevolence or to harm nations? Are we allowed to destroy all your bases in a preventive attack?’

Trump had defended his actions by suggesting that Soleimani was plotting to kill lots of American citizens but was caught in the process.

There have been accusations and counter accusations since the killing of Solemani and Iran has insisted it must avenge the death of the leader of its army

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