Nigeria’s Tobi Kaye warms up UK music scene


Oluwatobi Kaye a.k.a Tobi Kaye is making remarkable impact in the Ireland with his brand of music.

At age 31, the professional musician and songwriter is currently well celebrated in that part of the United Kingdom.

Wednesday, December 12 at 8pm, Tobi staged a live show which was well attended and some Galway’s top musicians spoke glowingly about Tobi.

The stars who poured encomiums on the fast-rising Nigerian born entertainer include Cian from the Amazing Angels, Blind Mick Joyce of the Dead Horse Jive fame, Tracy Brown and Steven Sharpe.

Tobi’s mother, Princess Olayinka Dixon, had this to say about his performer son: “And if I was not a proud mum before now, well, it’s time to be. Why? Hear some Galway’s top musicians speak about Tobi, his music, his talents and his voice, I’m absolutely elated! What’s not to love about him?”

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