Ovia Decides : Dennis Idahosa’s electoral map to victory


    Dennis Idahosa’s path to represent Ovia Federal Constituency in the National Assembly  has gained growing plausibility with a flurry of poll numbers showing the APC candidate  on the ascent over  Omosede Igbinedion  in key communities regarded as the battle ground zones.

Denco’s new momentum is the product of a hazardous period for Omosede Igbinedion , in which she earned fervent backlash for neglect of her followers ,and the infamous tag of YOU CHOP I CHOP video gone viral.

Now two latest  polls shows Dennis is ahead with electorates at Igoubazuwa ,Okada and Okhun communities , break down of the IDK electoral polls conducted showed Dennis acceptance in Usen and also placing him on the lead in Umaza,Siluko,Sayo,Obobaifo,Essi and Okunzuwa communities  .Additionally, a  RTE survey   puts Denco in majority in the Ijaw communities namely: Ufunama, Ugbo, Nikorowa and Ajakurama.

Many political observers who doubted the emergence of Dennis Idahosa   are now recalibrating their opinions and wondering how Omosede  will stop her own  slide – a stark indication of how volatile the campaign remains with less than 10  days to election

“Omosede is  just not a very good candidate. She doesn’t have campaign skills, comes off as shrill, and has a cloud hanging over her,” says Omoruyi, a senior political strategist at   RTE survey  .   Dennis has “shown a new level of message discipline. That’s why this election has tightened up.”

 A survey of Okada found that a higher proportion of men and older voters are indicating their likelihood to cast their ballots for Dennis Idahosa whom they see as a Liberator.

Dennis victory is predicated on garnering an unprecedented portion of  women voters  .

As we close in on the count down to the elections  daily  updates on Ovia Decides would be brought to you subsequently

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