The Peoples Representative:How  Ogbeide-Ihama facilitated my daughter’s internship in a government agency-Pastor Ola 



What more can one say about quality representation by a representative Whom the people has entrusted with their vote.

Hon Ogbeide-Ihama is the PDP member representing Oredo Federal constituency at the national assembly.

In this narrative a disturbed parent speaks on how Oredo’s representative ,Hon Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama facilitated an internship for his daughter in a FG agency.

Accessibility is key to quality representation ,below is how Pastor Ola put his story

Pastor Ola had a problem.
His daughter ‘Winner’ wanted to apply for an internship position with a top government agency. It was a herculean task getting placement because of the high number of applicants sharing the same desire.
“Daddy, someone said if I can get a letter from my representative added to my application, I would stand a better chance of being taken”.
Those words from his daughter created the worry he now had. How would he see an ‘Honourable’ that was in Abuja? Who would help him contact this ‘Big Man’ and speak on his behalf?

If he travelled to Abuja to try and see the rep, would he succeed ? If he by a miracle sees him, would he listen to him? talk more of granting his request? These questions plagued his mind when he finally decided to find his way to The Oredo Federal Constituency Office, to at least find someone who could direct him on what to do.

He was received at the office by a friendly lady who after listening to his concern notified the HOD, Health, Education & Welfare. A few questions and a brief chat

He made a few more enquiries, collected some details about the proposed letter, and concluded with the words that sounded too strange to be true:
“Come tomorrow for the letter sir”.

By 4pm the next day, Pastor Ola still in amazement, held in his hands the yellow conqueror paper with the letter signed by Hon. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama-Member representing Oredo federal constituency, requesting the Agency to grant his daughter placement for her internship.

“Several aspects of the whole experience left me in shock. The effectiveness of the office, the friendly staff, the speed, the convenience, and the fact that I didn’t set eyes on the Honourable to get such a letter in 24hrs was just too much to believe. I pray our country gets to a point where all government offices operate like this”, Pastor Ola said.

The relevance of a constituency office to a Legislator cannot be over emphasized – more so, a functional one. It is the bridge between the legislator and the people he represents.

In recognition of this fact and in fulfilment of his desire to create a seamless channel of communication, interaction and relationship between himself and his constituents, Hon. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama immediately after his electoral victory, began to plan extensively on the kind and quality of constituency office he needed to put in place to effectively carry out his agenda for his constituents. His plans included the renovation of a building with several offices to accommodate the various departments through which the office will function, the equipping of the facility with all that’s necessary to deliver representation as it should be, and most importantly, engagement of professional and trained staff drawn from the constituency to deliver top-class service.

The result of all that planning is what is today fondly referred to as the People’s Office. An impressive one-story building along Adesogbe Road (Plymouth Road) in the heart of Benin City, a few meters to the Palace of the Oba of Benin.

The Constituency Office functions through five critical departments that reflect the Agenda Hon. Ogbeide-Ihama has set to serve his people. They include ‘Works and Maintenance’, ‘Media and Communication’, ‘Education, Health & Welfare’ and ‘Central Administration’, all managed by professional, courteous and passionate staff who deliver service to all visitors.
The magnitude of this achievement by a first-tenure representative at the Federal Assembly less than 5 months after inauguration was exemplified by the presence of the Speaker, Federal House of Representatives Rt. Yakubu Dogara, who personally commissioned the project on the 6th of February 2016 in Benin-City.

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