WINCH PEOPLE : Leave Omo-Agege Alone ,Niger Delta Indigenes Screams Over Kneeling Down Saga(photos)



The controversy over DSP Omo-Agege kneeling down to greet President Buhari has refused to die down.Nigerians especially from the opposition parties are screaming out that the DSP has ridiculed his office by stooping low to kneel before Buhari.

This controversy is not going down well with indigenes from Niger Delta which happens to be the birth place of the Urhobo Deputy Senate President.

They wondered why some one whose tribe greets elders on the kneels while saying MIGWOR which literally means I kneel to greet you should be persecuted over kneeling to greet Buhari who is way older than him in age .

Not relenting they have dugged out pictures of great leaders from around the globe who one time or the other knelt down  to greet other leaders .

Here are some pictures used in defense of the Deputy Senate President

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