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PDP Vs Obaseki: Why PDP May End Up Having A Caretaker Committee In Edo State Sooner Than Later



Obaseki PDP Edo rally
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PDP Vs Obaseki: Why PDP May End Up Having A Caretaker Committee In Edo State Sooner Than Later

“Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely, to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.”
― Bertrand Russell.

The aforementioned quote is deep and requires careful thinking to grasp the full meaning. In Africa today the ruling class in any environment, from the grassroots to the top echelons are one and the same.

The head always commands loyalty and royalty, no matter what he retains his fan base by consideration of the position he holds.

I have been thrilling myself with the fight of shame between Obaseki and the PDP.

Elections are over and ordinarily, we would have expected Edo citizens to start reaping the benefits of a popular or masses vote.

With all the complaints everywhere of an insecure Nation and a tattered economy is it fair for  Edo citizens to further face the dire consequences of a bitter political war amongst the ruling class in the State?

If not that political followers are hypocritical why are the 4 + 4 proponents not speaking out against this nauseating distraction? Whenever I make a post on my daily predictions on the 2023 presidential election these people come all out and cast aspersions on me claiming I am insensitive to start debating the choice of a presidential candidate when Nigeria is burning.

And these same people are mute over the dirty war ongoing in Edo State between the PDP and Obaseki, no commissioners, no aides, no political appointees, no local government chairmen nothing to show.

The House of Assembly is not fully functional and yet supporters of Ogbane are mute.

What can be as insensitive in life as this to the Edo Nation? Them say Nigeria dey burn yet d Governor and him party dey fight for office position? You that has suddenly turned speechless, how do you feel now?

The last time I checked we are all in the same country with these same leaders.

The lingering crisis between Obaseki and the PDP may consume the PDP sooner than later as all permutations favour Obaseki coming out triumphantly in the looming battle.

Obaseki would feign as the oppressed in this whole drama and would bounce back with an energy that would simply consume the State PDP and usher in a caretaker committee.

The problem Obaseki had with the APC leadership structure and its members are not different from what is playing out now in the PDP. It is healthy for us to always take a look back at precedence before deducing judgements for ourselves.

Obaseki allegedly alienated the party that brought him to prominence, he ignored them and plotted quietly, telling the public the pitiful tales of how the party is hell-bent on mortgaging the State and its coming generation with their incessant demands for political patronage.

Obaseki had the option of influencing the APC’s ticket if he played his game right and serviced the APC party structure, but instead, he left them and went to PDP and brokered a deal with the Tax Collectors(apologies to Nyesom Wike).

If I may ask what has changed? Obaseki has an awesome relationship with the PDP NWC and again would repeat the same magic used when he emerged as the PDP’s sole candidate thereby defeating three other aspirants who all stepped down for his emergence. Obaseki achieved this record feat in less than three days of joining the PDP.

Again take a look at the day Obaseki picked up the PDP’s membership form, he announced to the world his leadership status as the head of the party and the state party chairman, Dr Anthony Aziegbemi that is today complaining affirmed Obaseki’s leadership status immediately.

So what is the argument about? Edo Citizens considers Obaseki’s defeat of the APC as his highest achievement and they are happy with it, adding PDP as another party to be defeated by Obaseki would make them super happy.

While Obaseki would have his way the PDP, however, would have their voices heard only.

Obaseki would receive bitter bashing from the PDP but the end they say justifies the means.

A trip to Port Harcourt and back would spell the end of the State Working Committee of the PDP and the ushering of a Caretaker Committee, the rest as they say is history.

Do not get me wrong the battle would be fierce and tough but Obaseki would prevail and emerge victoriously.

The only issue here is that, is it right for the State to be experiencing such a crisis when the county is at crossroads?

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

Copyright 2021.

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