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Why Saliu Mustapha’s Emergence As APC National Chairman May Be A Win-Win  For The Party



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Why Saliu Mustapha’s Emergence As APC National Chairman May Be A Win-Win  For The Party

As the APC plans to wrap up its national congress to elect its NWC to be headed by a national chairman it is imperative we take a closer look at the advantages of effective leadership.

The APC as the ruling party owes it a duty to Nigerians to be accountable and reliable towards meeting the democratic yearnings of Nigerians.

Effective leadership is the main primary driver for growth, development and innovation, it is essential to a functioning society, the absence of effective leadership leads to distortion and breakdown of law and order.

The role of the National Chairman of a ruling party has become much higher in profile as expectations from Nigerians have grown, party members expect a lot from the personage of the national chairman and anticipate an engaged and energetic leader who does more than simply heading the biggest political party in Africa.

The continuous growth of our nation can no longer be divorced from the role the leadership of our political party plays. They help to mould the elected representatives as presented by the political party.

The next National Chairman of the APC must be rooted in making a huge positive difference, aside from meeting the demands and steering the affairs of party members, Nigeria as a whole should as a matter of urgency be the primary focus.

The APC confidently controls 22 states out of the 36 States of the Federation and should be looking forward to consolidating more states in coming elections. With effective leadership, the party can greatly shape the fortunes of the country.

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If the APC is set on a path to National rejuvenation then considering the candidacy of Mallam Saliu Mustapha the Turaki of Ilorin as its next national chairman is the best bet for the party.

Here are five basic reasons Saliu Mustapha’s candidacy is a win-win situation for the APC.

1. Devotion to duties.

This is a very key area in the leadership of the APC, the party needs a national chairman that would be devoted to his duties and free from distractions. Amongst all the contending aspirants for the top job, Mallam Saliu is well poised to be more devoted to his party responsibilities.

The next APC national chairman must devote the appropriate level of time to his tasks, he must have a good relationship with other executives, members of the party and as well as a good rapport with Nigerians.

2. Reliability.

The APC is a brand that should be relied upon by Nigerians. People inherently value reliability, the All Progressive Congress should be synonymous with progress for all. Its party leadership must offer reliability to party members and Nigerians at large.

Given that a core element of reliability is doing what we say we will do, communication is key. Mallam Saliu Mustapha is a bridge builder and the perfect brand for the APC.

3. Focus on the goals.

Humility is a key to staying focused, it eliminates pride from getting in the way to accomplishing goals. Mallam Saliu Mustapha’s humility and accessibility are what the APC needs to tap into for better ratings amongst Nigerians.

Zero distractions lead to better productivity, Mallam Saliu Mustapha has no single luggage hovering over his personality and hence should hit the ground running as soon as he emerges as national chairman. The APC needs a national chairman that solves problems and focuses on working towards a solution.

It is evident that a Saliu Mustapha’s candidacy would encounter little or no distractions from party stakeholders.

4. Decisive and informed.

The National Chairman of Africa’s biggest political party is expected to make decisions daily, decisiveness is a personality trait that is essential in leadership.

Here Saliu Mustapha towers high above his competitors, as a former deputy national chairman of the CPC who played a crucial role in the emergence of the APC his ability to make good and timely decisions is an asset.

Mallam Saliu Mustapha’s decision-making competence is not in doubt. With the myriads of information out there only competent decisions are needed.

5. Building Passion in party members.

Here is another key attribute that is inherent in the Turaki of Ilorin, the ability to drive passion amongst party members. It is a known fact that many people lack passion for what they do. APC needs proactive members that would reach out to Nigerians and mobilize the electorates towards voting for their party.

Having passion as a leader is one thing; inspiring passion in your party executives/stakeholders and members is another thing altogether.

Only a passionate leader that is vocal and visibly excited about the progress of the party can drive this passion amongst members. Without passion, party members would not be able to sustain the energy and focus necessary to woo Nigerians for voting their party in the coming elections.

For APC to leverage its current successes it needs a passionate chairperson.

When good leadership is in place in a political party, it can be felt throughout the party organogram, the end result of good leadership is high morale amongst party members and executives.

A good Chairperson gives strength and support to others while being resilient themselves. This requires a strong personality. If the APC must get it right then Mallam Saliu Mustapha as the next party chair would be a win-win situation for the party.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

Source iReporteronline.



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