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WhatsApp Will Warn You If Friends Are Talking About You – Here’s How It Works




WhatsApp Will Warn You If Friends Are Talking About You – Here’s How It Works


EVER wonder if people are talking about you?

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that’ll give you a bit of a heads up.

Profile photos look set to appear in notifications

Unfortunately it won’t be able to tell if someone is talking about you behind your back – that would be quite a feature.

Instead, tech giant Meta is working on a better way to let you know whenever you’ve been mentioned in chats you’re a part of.

It essentially makes notifications more useful than they are at the moment.

The change means you’ll have a better idea of who has mentioned you or replied to you within groups.

Before, you would simply get a text only alert.

But now, the person’s profile photo will appear in the notification.

It’s a small but useful adjustment that’ll give users a quick update of who’s talking to – or about – them.

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The tweak is included in a wider new feature currently in testing, designed to make notifications a bit more informative in general.

WABetaInfo has shown how the new notification system will work.

For now, it’s only been revealed to some beta testers on iOS 15.

We don’t have any idea if it’ll make it’s way onto Android as well.

In fact it’s so early in development that WhatsApp may well decide not to go ahead with the idea altogether.

If it does launch anytime soon, it’ll be the first change to come on the app for 2022.

The platform has already made several changes in recent months.

In December, it finally listened to fans and added a voice messaging preview feature.

It also began allowing users to set self-destruction timers for all of your chats.

That means all texts will automatically delete after a chosen period of time.

Until the new profile photo tweak launches, make sure your WhatsApp settings are in the best possible state for the year ahead.

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