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As E Dey Pepper Dem Na So E Dey Sweet Us: Why Anti Tinubu’s Adherents Should Take A Chill


As E Dey Pepper Dem Na So E Dey Sweet Us: Why Anti Tinubu’s Adherents Should Take A Chill

Have you ever heard of that phrase ” No Time To Check Time?

Today is the 23rd of December 2021 and the 2023 presidential election is scheduled to be held on February 18th 2023 which makes it barely a year from now.

By January 2022 everywhere go don red with all presidential aspirants coming out with the full force to acquaint themselves with the electorates. You see elections are not crash programs, especially that of the presidency.

You must be adequately prepared for the job ahead and of course, have a roadmap towards making Nigeria great.

For a serious-minded participant in the electoral process be it an aspirant or an adherent, by this time all they should be concerned about is how do we make progress,

It is quite shameful that I see some advanced people especially in their forties and above still castigating the aspirants that have so far indicated interest with their BODY LANGUAGE that they are gunning for the presidency.

To me, it is unpatriotic that at this time such people do not even have a choice candidate they are promoting instead they are hating on adherents who are busy selling their candidates. I was surprised to read from an advanced Nigeria on a platform throwing aspersions on me because TInubu is my choice for the 2023 presidency.

Do you know Nigeria is what it is today because the so-called vibrant age of electoral participants between the ages of 35 to 50 are complacent and are not interested in who governs them just for the basic reason that majority of them are lazy?

Wetin they amuse me na say these people wey just dey carry talk anyhow just because say they themselves too inert to participate in the electoral process should be ashamed of themselves, these leaders wey dem dey YAB started even at a younger age than these people’s present kids.

Tinubu wey dem dey insult upadan even Atiku , Wike , Sule Lamido, Kwankwanso and co-started when they were nothing and very young, at the age, Tinubu was running from point A to point Z because of the military junta in search for democracy for us they were younger than these folks that can’t even join a political party and advocate for what they want, these people are the real FAILURES that should cover their heads in shame.

Is it expected that a man my age should be in Nigeria and don’t have a choice presidential candidate at this time? It is unreasonable if I don’t have, when I participated in the presidential contest a few years ago I made it a duty to visit no fewer than 21 Federal institutions seeking the support of their Student Union Governments, I took risk travelling at night to meet up appointments the following day at short notices.

I never had the privilege of moving with an armed escort even when I knew the risk, yet I forged on, if you have a dream chase it and stop throwing stones at one who is working assiduously to get to his own destination, my people take am make parable say “person wey dey pursue Elephant no dey stop for road stone bird.”

The people telling me that I should use my vibrancy for a younger generation than Tinubu do not even have a clue as to who that may be, and they think at my age, which is well above 40 I should be confused like them?

Funny people everywhere I should be busy campaigning for what is not available, if Tinubu for example was not available won’t I be a slave to be campaigning for who is not available? I see them and I cover my head for them in shame.

Let me educate you guys please, we have two dominant political parties in  Nigeria which is the APC and the PDP and whoever any of the political parties would bring to fly their presidential ticket must be within their fold.

Only an unpatriotic Nigeria would seat back at this stage and say this one is bad, that one is wicked, the other wan na thief and yet has no alternative? It is, first of all, an indictment on their part that at their age they have no choice candidate for the Presidency and yet they are complaining, the worse aspect is that the generation coming behind them is, unfortunately, worse off than these present leaders.

A generation that the youths do not want to work anymore? A generation that the youths are so entrenched in Yahoo Yahoo and spend millions on material things worth more than a community can afford.

Spending millions of cash in clubs washing hands with expensive champagnes, buying gifts for their underage girlfriends worth millions of naira and yet not impacting on even their friends or family, no b juju b dat?

Their families are living in ruins and yet dem dey Denge Pose for the town. These people see nothing wrong with the coming generation that would be in charge of their future at old age and still yet fail to participate and put in their input to guarantee their future.

My brother NO TIME TO CHECK TIME OH if you have decided to Siddon look and reduce yourself to a critic who has no better alternative that is your own cup of tea, for we Tinubu fans we are patriotic enough to stand without SHAME FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE.

On “Tinubu’s mandate, we stand” and we owe nobody apologies for our choice, As he dey PEPPER UNA NA SO E DEY SWEET US.

If you have refused to not do the needful it is your problem and not mine, my people talk say go HUTSLE na make God make Poverty. If you fail to participate in the electoral process you are only doing yourself a disservice and not me.

In this present Government we find ourselves many politicians are doing well across party lines, they desired to do well while there are so many others not doing well too, and those not doing well prefer that as well.

Life is what you make of it.

“I like the way I’m feeling now
No come use your reggae spoil my blues and rhythm now
Oh oh oh oh
I like the way I’m feeling now
Omo e get small thing wey dey stress me but right now I’m chilling now with Asiwaju”

My name na Osigwe Omo Ikirodah and na me be the Principal and Chairman/CEO of Bush radio Academy.


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