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May Day: Moses Omo-Ikirodah Hails Resilience Of Workers Acknowledge Their Sacrifice Towards Nation Buiding



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May Day: Moses -Ikirodah Hails Resilience Of Workers Acknowledge Their Sacrifice Towards Nation Buiding

Abuja: Moses Omo-Ikirodah has appreciated the ability of Nigerian workers to keep up with the Nigerian dream in these present daunting times.

In his May Day solidarity message to Nigerian workers, Moses acknowledged the sacrifices that the Nigerian workers have contributed thus far to Nation Building.

“Today I join Nigerians all over in paying tribute to the values the Nigerian worker personify- responsibility, sacrifice, hard work, tolerance and resilience. I commend the brotherly spirit exhibited by our loyal workers in looking out for each other despite the dwindling economy and harsh economic circumstances they routinely find themseleves.

The never-say-die spirit of the Nigerian working class is a clear affirmation of the love and patriotism the Nigerian worker has for our great country.”

According to him, ” the Nigerian workers deserve more wage bill in view of the high inflation currently experienced in the country, their ability to remain focus and keep faith with the masses should be commended by every well-meaning Nigerian.

These workers are the heroes of our nationhood their sacrifices in no small measure has kept the nation together even in our diversity.

No doubt Nigeria is at a dangerous crossroads, I use this opportunity to appreciate the works of the labour union leaders and its members and urge them to use their votes in coming elections to elect credible candidates who will uphold democracy and support union demands in working for a safer and better Nigeria.

You guys are the invisible backbone of our nation, may the sacrifices and labour of the Nigerian worker not be in vain.

Happy May Day to you all.


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