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Disheartening As Woman Gives Birth Outside An Hospital After Nurses Refused To Attend To Her (Video)



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A video of a woman who gave birth outside Pumwani hospital in Kenya has caused uproar on social media.


Despite being in an emergency situation, merciless nurses at Pumwani reportedly refused to attend to her and just watched from a distance as she writhed in pain on the floor, outside the hospital.

Members of the public were seen pleading with the medics to let her in but their efforts bore no fruits.

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Women who understand the pain of giving birth were seen wailing and wondering how low we have sunk as a Country.

Medics at Pumwani are on a go slow due to salary delays but this doesn’t justify such barbaric acts.

Watch the video below :

Meanwhile, Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, has revealed that the shocking incident happened last week and the woman was ultimately attended to by nurses at the facility.

Pumwani Hospital informs me that the incident took place a week ago, and that nurses eventually attended to mother and baby who are currently doing fine”. She sai

It’s imperative that gaps in our healthcare systems are sealed, starting with grievances that lead to go-slows”. she added .

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