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See The 5 Categories Of Nigerians That Are Eager For Tinubu’s Return And Why ( Check Where you Belong)



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See The 5 Categories Of Nigerians That Are Eager For Tinubu’s Return And Why ( Check Where you Belong)

No put body o, that seems to be one of the latest nomenclatures for hypemen now, they would tell you precisely to stay clear if you can not match the intensity of the heat. The intrigues are just too much as the 2023 general elections fast approach. As a matter of fact, time right now may be the major limitation for political actors.


Once the EMBER period winds down and 2022 begins it would be a totally different ball game, already we are close to October which practically translates to the wrap of 2021. By January most of the naysayers and sceptics would see the reality of the elections just around the corner and then only will they understand what we mean by TIME may be a major constraint.

If you are a youth or an upcoming aspirant and you are yet to register with the people or fraternize with the major political parties,( the PDP or APC ) or perhaps you have not known where your finance to BANKROLL your elections would come from by now then please just leave the stage for serious people.

Go and concentrate on the next edition of #BBnaija and leave us to discuss the intricacies of politics. 2023 is a big event that is worthy of participation.

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with tales of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu returning back to Nigeria. An old video of Tinubu coming in was circulated and the frenzy was off the hook. So many people were excited because of different reasons. It turned out that it was a false alarm.

Before I go further let me make this point clear it is not only about Tinubu’s presidency as a matter of fact the Jagaban has not in any forum says he would contest. So never get it twisted it’s a whole lot about Tinubu’s leadership on riding to power. So many stakes that are beyond Tinubu for president, so sit back and let me take you through the players that are interested in Tinubu’s return.

Here are five major categories of Nigerians that are upbeat about Tinubu’s return.

The Political Class.

Fans Of Tinubu

The Vendors.

The Haters.

The Competitors.

The Political Class: These are the real players, the elite in the game and the participants. I earlier said 2023 is not all about Tinubu’s presidency, as a matter of fact for the political class Tinubu’s presidency is secondary.

To many Tinubu is a pillar to rise to power. Recall the 2015 elections and how many Governors won elections because of Buhari? Buhari’s phenomenon was the magic and a lot of Governors emerged because of Buhari’s factor, and not only Governors, even Senators and Rep members. From Kogi to Katsina etc the APC swept everywhere clean in the North all because of Buhari’s myth.

If Not Buhari’s factor Dino Melaye could not have been able to defeat Smart Adeyemi the first time and emerge as a Senator in 2015.

As the political leader controlling the South West firmly, many politicians hope to rise to power on Tinubu’s back. You heard what the Ondo State Governor said about Tinubu? Akeredolu said they are waiting for him to come so crucial decisions would be made.

Even if Tinubu decides not to contest he would shape the destiny of so many governors and countless other political offices in the South especially the South West.

Fans Of Tinubu: This category of people don’t even want to hear that Tinubu refuses to contest, to them Tinubu is the next president and guess what their numbers are in millions. Tinubu has the largest support groups spread across the 36 States of the Federation, so many are Tinubu support groups and organizations that many of them are even envious of each other.

There is a mad competition to outshine one another in reaching out for Tinubu. These people are obsessed with Tinubu’s candidacy and are not ready to hear otherwise. To them, it is like their existence depends on Tinubu’s 2023 presidency.

The Vendors.

“Go and work till mentioning your name becomes a source of increased wealth for someone. Even my weakness creates wealth for vendors.”- Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This is where people like us come in, the vendors we need Tinubu to be around to earn some cool cash. Tinubu makes the headlines and please do not blame anyone. Even the casket makers and undertakers pray to God to give them customers. Some of us no go chop if Tinubu leaves the stage, body go PHONE us.

Tinubu has paid his dues that his name opens doors for people, if you like interpret this category of people anyhow you like na you know, I am responsible for what I say and not what you understand.

The Haters.

Bad belle is allowed. This set of people their own na to just dey insult Tinubu, dey rant and yet dem no even get candidate, these ones na we dey call anywhere belle face. They do not even know what is going on they are just shouting Tinubu upadan as if they have anything to gain if Tinubu contest or not. The time they should have used to identify a party or candidate to stick with they will be using it to pour venom on Tinubu as if the Jagaban is in  custody of their Kidney or Liver.

The Competitors.

Finally the competitors, just like the way politicians are waiting to reap from Tinubu’s clout so also are competitors scared of who Tinubu supports. The fear of Tinubu is the beginning of political wisdom. You must not offend the Jagaban because his goodwill is larger than life.

So it is politically expedient that you study the body language of the Jagaban to avoid stories that touch.

Are you surprised? Please do not be, the 2023 general elections would mark a watershed in our national history we all must step up and participate, we can not be wailers forever.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and I am the principal of Bush Radio Academy.

Copyright 2021.

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