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This Video Of APC Chairman And Northern Governors Visit To Atiku Should Give Some People Sense  By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah 



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This Video Of APC Chairman And Northern Governors Visit To Atiku Should Give Some People Sense

By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

Am not moved by what I see, am not moved by what I hear, am not moved by what I feel, Am only moved by the word of God hallelujah…

This was a popular Christian song I was very much used to when growing up, the song speaks about having full confidence in God and God alone.

Nigerians please listen to me as Nigerians, (in Fela’s voice).

As the 2023 general elections fast approach, I would love every single electorate to remove their minds from every goddamn sentiment and look at which political platform or candidate best suits their individual interest as well as collective interest.

It is unfortunate that the time is short towards the general elections to make drastic decisions as a collective body and because of the peculiarity of running elective offices which involves huge resources and strong political legwork then it is necessary that these forthcoming elections we all should look very well before we leap.

Let us not be carried away by the fancy manifestos of the political parties or the sweet mouth of their respective candidates. I can not be moved again by what I see or what I hear, only my beliefs would propel my decision.

This video shows the Chairman of the Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Yobe State governor, Mai Mala Buni, Senate President, Ahmed Lawan and some northern APC senators paying a private visit to former Vice-president, Atiku Abubakar at his Abuja residence recently.

Before I go further let me start with a quote from an anonymous message circulating on Whatsapp as a direct reference to this visit.

“What was the purpose of the visit? Was it to give their support over his (Atiku) presidential ambition or to console him over the divorce filled by his (Atiku) estranged wife, who is seeking a divorce?

One thing we should know is that Nigeria is so sophisticated now, such that the North will not lord it over the South wholly as it was in the past during the military rules. If they insist on supporting a northerner to become the President of Nigeria come 2023, be him Atiku or Saraki or Tambuwal or Kwankwanso, they will be shocked in a big way.”

Hmm, let me start this way, as you can see these politicians are not at war with themselves and the painful aspect is like they relish in the fun when they see their followers tearing themselves apart because of them.

How pathetic and cruel, they have shown times without number that there is no permanent friend or enemies amongst themselves and only their selfish interest matters to them.

In this case, power is what joins them together after amassing so much wealth that in reality they really do not need it.

An aspirant worth over a billion dollars and above the age of 60 should have no issue contesting a presidential election more than 4 times, who is he going to die and leave all the wealth for, Next of Kin? Lol, the one’s wey next of kin get e no reach am? My point is this they have the resources to throw around without a single fret.

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When it comes to power they become united and throw their weight behind their narcissistic interest, now if you look at the intrigues you should observe that the electorates are the pawns, they sell the story to us that politics is dirty and messy yet they are ready to die in politics.

They keep those who are genuinely interested in making the country work out of the picture and don’t give a hoot about what they say about them.

So what is the Buni Led APC NORTHERN governors paying a visit to Atiku for? When they should planning for their forthcoming convention they are busy visiting the leading opposition presidential aspirant to show solidarity over a power tussle in PDP.

It should interest you to know that the Southern Governors resolve to back out of supporting a Northern presidential aspirant on the PDP platform may be part of the reasons for this clandestine visit.

A good researcher of Mafia movies would always point out the importance of such visits, this video is capable of giving the Northern electorates the impression that in unity they stand.

It is sad that we have a docile and lazy generation of Southern youths when it comes to political exercises, their case may be beyond redemption as they take delight in only throwing insults and making a mockery of the political class which they detest so much.

If na to laff politician and curse am na front seat you go see dem but when it comes to taking a stand on their present and future dem no even dey attend classes for such courses.

I see people arguing in public places, entertainment centres, restaurants amongst themselves for these people that delight in seeing the electorates rant and fight themselves for nothing.

Matters Arising.

Who get ear make dem hear, nothing stops anybody for supporting any of these candidates but I urge the electorates to try their best and get involved in whoever they are supporting so there can be a personal experience that would lead you to your goal.

Everyone wants the country to be good and really those that ought to change the country is each and every one of us.

Of what use supporting an aspirant blindly when in turn the aspirant you are dying for is openly and secretly negotiating with these same people you say are the origins of our afflictions as a nation?

Demand from the political office seekers what you stand to gain personally and collectively as a society. Build yourself and invest in yourself one day you too would be a leader and in turn rule according to your conscience but remember  “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

Karma is a bitch.

Activate your goat eye and set your goals, these politicians deliberately entered the game and got to where they are today out of hard work and deep politicking, you must get involved and forget the stories that politicians are corrupt, even you, are you not individually corrupt?

Package yourself and expand your value, you have a price do not be deceived… the same SNAKE wey bite PDP na take d same tail flog APC.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and na me be the Principal and chairman of Bush Radio Academy.


Source iReporteronline.

See the VIDEO below…

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