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Why Citizens Engagement Matters As Evbuobogun Community Appreciates Lawmaker, Hon Jude Ise-Idehen Over 500 KVA Transformer. 



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Why Citizens Engagement Matters As Evbuobogun Community Appreciates Lawmaker, Hon Jude Ise-Idehen Over 500 KVA Transformer.

Contrary to the widespread assumption that legislators are snubs towards constituents, listening to constituents voices and engaging them is still the top priority for some legislators.

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The more a lawmaker interacts with his constituents the more favourable policies are achieved for the greater good of the society. Legislators must as a matter of urgency pay rapt attention to the immediate pressing needs of the communities under their watch while they formulate promising policies that would help sustain the development of their respective communities.

The lawmaker representing Egor/Ikpoba-Okha Federal Constituency in the National assembly, Hon Jude Ise-Idehen has once again shown his commitment towards meeting the yearnings of his constituents by purposeful engagement and advocacy.

Residents of Evbuobogun Community along Sapele road in Benin City have expressed their appreciation to the lawmaker for the facilitation of a 500 KVA transformer to ease the hardship experienced due to frequent power outages. The residents who are sincerely happy have commended the lawmaker for listening to the cries of residents who have suffered untold hardship due to the lack of stable power supply to the community.

Constituents must owe it as a point of duty to advocate for affirmative response by their elected policymakers towards their needs. The represented has a role to play in influencing elected representatives.

Legislators operate as “delegates,” directly reflecting the desires of their constituents, and must act as “trustees,” of the people.

The Federal Lawmaker, Hon Jude Ise-Idehen has shown what it takes to be an effective representative by constantly engaging with his constituents, his ability to respond to the immediate needs of his constituents has endeared him to the populace.

Not only do legislators want to hear from the people they serve, they also want to hear about the issues in their own front yard. Citizens advocates are influential and contribute to better public policies when they provide personalized and local information to elected representatives.


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