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5 Different Ways To Burn Calories



Exercising on the stairs. Photo Getty 1062x598 1
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5 Different Ways To Burn Calories

Exercising on the stairs. Photo Getty 1062x598 1

Time for a serious conversation! The popular adage “Health is wealth” could not be more true, as we must take good care of ourselves. And by “good”, we mean staying in shape.

Moderate consumption of calorie-containing foods is one step toward achieving a healthy lifestyle. While calories are essential to our bodies, primarily for the energy they provide, excessive consumption can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

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When the words “burn calories” come to mind, many of us envision going to the gym, lifting dumbbells, running on a treadmill, and pulling cables. While these activities are excellent ways to burn calories, it is important to note that there are other options.

So, if you don’t like going to the gym, here are five different and fun ways to burn calories:


It’s no secret that yoga is quickly gaining popularity among individuals, families, and social groups. Yoga, in addition to the numerous physical and mental benefits it provides, also aids in calorie burning, primarily through stretching.

With various poses like tree pose, cat-cow pose, corpse pose, and bridge pose, it is possible for you to shed up to a hundred calories in thirty minutes.


Now is the best time to cut back on uber rides, carpooling, and driving. Making the difficult decision and conscious effort to spend more time walking can sometimes be the most effective way to lose weight.

For example, instead of driving to the supermarket or a friend’s house, you could walk. This gives you more time to observe and appreciate the things around you, to reflect, and to get those extra calories out of your system.

 Take the stairs 

Hello, stairs! Goodbye, elevators! Stairs may appear stressful and exhausting, but they are an excellent way to build leg muscles and burn calories. Make it a daily goal to climb at least five staircases for ten minutes.


This would be an excellent opportunity to put your childhood bicycle skills to use. While riding a bicycle may appear to be enjoyable and exhilarating, it also burns 450-750 calories in an hour. When you think about it, this is also a good way to reduce air pollution and save the planet from climate change.

The golden rule of this activity is that the faster you pedal, the more calories you burn.So, pedal on!


Turn up the music and move your body to the rhythm, whether it’s hip hop, R&B, salsa, or Fuji. Movement is at the heart of burning calories, which is why you should set aside some time each weekday or weekend to dance, whether at a party or in the privacy of your own home.

Remember that you don’t have to do any fancy choreography; simply freestyle and you’ll be saying goodbye to over 150 calories in no time.

Credit: The Guardian

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