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Concerned Edo Citizens Forum  Spits Fire Over Continuous Attacks On Apostle Suleiman




Continuous attacks on Apostle Johnson Suleiman are unacceptable and lack in merit over his preaching methodologies

Over the years he has demonstrated uncommon and serious commitment for the work of God by propagating the gospel as a preacher with a sincere disposition in mobilizing for God’s kingdom therefore, we condemn in strong terms continue attacks on his person and the ministries.

As concerned citizens in Edo State, Apostle Johnson Suleiman is a man we are proud of hence, some persons to make themselves available to be used to undermine his person and ministries will be resisted.


He has preached according to spiritual understanding and direction by Divine ministrations. We hereby endorsed the miracle alert as workings of the gospel.

Our Lord turned water to wine, He also directed the disciples to go fishing to pay the tax, money was found in the belly of the fish under divine supervision to pay tax.

Jesus said greater things the believers in Christ will do. Why the attacks?

We hereby encourage people to read the Bible and seek genuine spiritual understanding than shallow evaluation about the teachings of Apostle Johnson Suleiman. We are convinced, he is a Man of God with his preaching and teachings.

He is a true son of God, he should remain focus and undaunted despite the shenanigans from kingdom of darkness.

We salute him for forgiveness against those working assiduously to frustrate the work and Grace of God upon his life.
Comrade Roy Oribhabor
Convener( CECF)

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