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Olofofo: Allow Me To Enjoy Myself With Tinubu’s 2023 Presidency




Olofofo: Allow Me To Enjoy Myself With Tinubu’s 2023 Presidency

When the rhythm of the song changes, the dance steps must also change- Nigerian Proverb.

Nigeria is indeed at crossroads and the uncertainty keeps growing by the day that apprehension is now the pulse of every Nigerian, nobody has a normal heartbeat anymore.

Just this morning when I decided to reply to a few detractors who always slide into my DM to fling aspersions on me over my views on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu I saw this worrisome post by a colleague on a Whatsapp group. It was quite perturbing.

“Good morning.. Pls, can anyone kindly point me to sources of good news wherever you may find it, via Twitter, newspapers etc all I read is the coming damnation of our country ….. But I believe it has to be out there somehow… Thanks in advance”

So saying Nigeria is really in a deep mess is a statement of fact, but however, every Nigerian that genuinely wants a greater country must come out and assert what he or she believes in. That statement above was indeed from a patriotic Nigerian.

Everything in life changes and the only thing that is constant in life is change. We must not shy away from the fact that we have a voice on how to get things right in this country. And again we must move with the trend, so many things are happening that looks scary and terrifying and at the same time, stakeholders are proffering solutions.

The person that refuses to adapt to the current changes would be left behind, so it’s either you are a solution to the impasse or you are an instigator. If you calling for the division of Nigeria and you are not in any regional army that you think would take over then what are you doing? You say Nigeria is about to collapse and you are just talking? It is either you are on your way out of the country or you are actively involved in the unity or the division of the country, there are no two ways about it.

As costly as a change might be, it costs more to not change, so allow me to enjoy my Tinubu’s presidential aspirations, as a patriotic Nigeria I believe only in the democratic process which fortunately is around the corner, as we keep arguing every day the time is getting nearer.

Only an unwise man would be seated complaining without taking a stance. Then of what value are you as a Nigerian to yourself? In less than two years the country would be electing fresh councillors, lawmakers, governors and the Commander in Chief and yet you do not have choice candidates to fill those positions? Then what are you? You think say you wise abi? (in Asari Dokubo’s voice).

Only the electoral system can produce the desired changes we crave for and yet a grown-up adult will say in 2021 he does not know who he wants to support to lead different sectors of the country in two years time? What a shame, Biafra Army you no join, Oduduwa Army you no join, Arewa army you do not belong and yet you say you don’t have a candidate that would pilot your affairs from the local government council to the presidency? No be mumu b that?(in Asari Dokubo’s voice).

Tinubu remains my choice for the 2023 presidential ticket because he is a responsive and proactive politician. What Nigeria needs at this time is one who is punctual to his responsibilities in terms of honesty, transparency, integrity, creativity and accountability, Tinubu has all these embodied in him.

So please Olofofo allow me to enjoy myself. I would not celebrate doom when I have a committed, diligent and hardworking candidate for the 2023 presidency.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

Copyright 2021.

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