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Prophet TB Joshua Is Fake, Misled My In-law To Death (Video)



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Maverick Ghanaian lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong, has a long standing beef with some ‘Men of God he considers ungodly in their words and deeds.

Prophet TB Joshua is fake misled my in law to death – Kennedy Agyapong

Through Net2 TV and other channels under the Ken City Media group he owns, Agyapong has waged a consistent war especially on some leaders of Charismatic congregations.

His latest pronouncement is on a Nigerian televangelist whose footprints extend across Africa and to different parts of the world – the late Temitope Balogun Joshua a.k.a. TB Joshua.

Kennedy Agyapong decribed the late preacher as ‘fake citing the instance of how a relative died on the back of refusal to visit a doctor but rather travel to Joshua’s church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, seeking
spiritual intervention.

While appearing on the Good Evening Ghana program on Metro TV, he was asked about pastors in general and TB Johsua in particular.

“He is fake, I have said it long time that he is fake. He is fake because my wife’s sister when she had cancer, that time she (Mrs Agyapong) was in America, brought money for the woman to go to Korle Bu.

“In fact, a doctor actually went to her house (to assess her), the woman said no, she is going to TB Joshua. She took the money and went to Lagos, when she got to Lagos, she said she could not even see TB Joshua (except) his young pastors.”

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He continued: “Then she came back and when the sister called, she said ‘oh, I am feeling good, nice, TB Joshua is good.’ This woman’s breast cancer happened again, she was begging at
Korle Bu for the doctors to cut the breast because of the pain, she lived in Tema, she died.”

To buttress his point, he referred to a 2014 incident where a guesthouse within the SCOAN headquarters collapsed killing 115 people. In his view, how did TB Joshua not see that happening?

Kindly fast-forward to the 8:10th minute to watch Kennedy Agyapong speaking on TB Joshua :


“Let me ask you a question, You said TB Joshua can heal you, why is it that he sees what is wrong with every body but when his building was collapsing he couldn’t see it, are you dumb? You are dumb ”

He also related a recent report by a member of the church that TB Joshua has disvirgined a lot of women in the church.

“Have you seen a confession with one of the ladies that he was sleeping with all of them? The confessions of TB Joshua, that a lady has come out? As for me, the ladies are not my problem, but I am saying that a man’s structure
collapsed, over 100 people died.

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“So if TB Joshua can say that today Kwame Agyapong, you are going to fall sick tomorrow and I have to go and see him for prayers? Tell that to the dogs, so these are some of the things,” he charged.

TB Joshua died in early June and was buried on July 9 at the SCOAN premises where a mausoleum has been built.

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