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What Bauchi APC Told Tinubu About Who Their Delegates’ Votes Belong To



Tinubu 5

What Bauchi APC Told Tinubu About Who Their Delegates’ Votes Belong To

Tinubu 5

The Bauchi State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bappa Misau, has promised the National Leader of the party, Ahmed Bola Tinubu that all the delegates from the Bauchi would vote for him.

Misau, on behalf of the delegates, told Tinubu during his visit to the state that “All the delegates are yours, it is only traditional that you come to Bauchi but even if you didn’t come to Bauchi, all the delegates in Bauchi are yours because you laid the foundation.”

Also, Tinubu urged the delegates from the state to look at the “capacity, quality and brilliance” he displayed as Governor of Lagos State and give him support to emerge as the party’s candidate.”

He noted that he is one of those running for the office of the President of Nigeria, saying with their support, “I am very sure, I will win. I’ve demonstrated my capacity, quality and brilliance in governance in Lagos.

“I’ve been a very successful private sector person who worked for Exxon Mobil as Auditor General, became the Treasurer and joined politics, this is not a small thing.”

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Tinubu, who urged the delegates to give him their support, said he was out to serve the country and “nothing more, nothing less. I want Nigeria to change the education of our children, security of lives and property, giving priority to those items.

“Then, helping the farmers bring commodity exchange, help those who are extremely poor, give priority to education, give priority to power generation so that we can have industrial growth. These are what I am for, I’m not like the rest of them. I’m a serious minded man.”

The former Lagos State governor said that those who might have known Lagos then and those who know Lagos now, will testify that it is a different nation within a country.

“To all of you, I don’t have to sell too much of myself, I have a very good name recognition. I brought the party (APC) together, to be one party that is united and determined to build a nation of great people. We are not poor by all means, we can bring prosperity to Nigeria with brain and thinking,” Tinubu said.

“You know me, I don’t break promises, I reward talents, our reward system for hard-work will change, you will participate in the government, you will take the benefit of your labour, you will be part of our success, let’s work together.”

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Meanwhile, the former Speaker of the 8th Assembly, Yakubu Dogara, who accompanied Tinubu, said the former Lagos State is capable of unleashing the potential of Bauchi and Nigeria as a whole.

“There’s an oil find in Bauchi state, it is there, how do we bring it out? The truth is that if we don’t bring people into leadership that have the pedigree of even developing states that people thought hitherto that wasn’t possible but that have performed and have incredible pedigree in developmental politics, the oil will never come out,” Dogara said.

“If we want to develop our oil potential, this is our President. If we want to end the menace of school children dropout, Bauchi is the highest in Nigeria, this is our president.

“If we want to turn Steyr, Steyr can be revived and turned into a huge military-industrial complex especially now that we are at war everywhere, we can churn out machines like before and the glory of Steyr can come back employing hundreds if not thousands of our children if we want that, this is our president.”

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