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Hilarious!! Boyfriend On The Run After Five Rounds Of $3x, Girlfriend Chases After Him (Photo)



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This may sound funny but unfortunately, this happens to be a serious incident that occurred in broad daylight as a lady was seen chasing after her boyfriend for more sekz after initial five(5).


Per the video making rounds on social media, a young man can be seen running away from his girlfriend who after 5 rounds of hot intercourse wasn’t satisfied and wanted more pounding from his boyfriend who decided to run for his life as he couldn’t keep up with the urge of his partner.

This, however, causes a stir on social media, having people calling on the young man to do his manly duties.

Whiles many others have called on the young lady to also take it on the young man as he has done well by giving her 5 hot rounds as most men can’t even give 3 rounds.

The issue of this nature is not the first and would not be the last since most ladies who are s#x maniac do not actually meet men who also the same.

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