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“I prayed to God to make my husband broke, he’s more loving… VIRAL “I prayed to God to make my husband broke, he’s more loving and caring that way” – Woman says



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A married woman is currently the topic of discussion on social media after she complained about her husband’s unusual attitude whenever he is broke.

According to her, he is only loving and available at home only when he is broke.

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Read her story below;

“Okay, so I observed something in my marriage, my husband ehn , anytime he is broke or having financial crisis he is so kind and loving and prayerful. He even initiates fasting most times. He will play Christian music so loudly. Immediately the money shows up he reduces prayers and he is less available at home. I was so angry one day I prayed to God for him to be broke so I can be happy.

When he is broke his phone doesn’t have a password and none of that, so many things. Now he has money again, he lied he was in Abuja but he is not. He keeps lying. Men will push you to be so angry and you will become so bitter and angry. What is my joy in this marriage when my husband is rich and he doesn’t love me or call or have my time. When he gets broke he will come home and start washing plates and playing Christian music so loudly. Whatever God wants is the best. If his brokenness is my happiness God is Good. As at now only me and my daughter are at home. He went out. Sha God bless you”.

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