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Nigerian Prophet Caution Buhari Govt On Handling Of Kanu And Igboho Cases [VIDEO]




David Elijah, a self-styled prophet who pastors at Glorious Mount of Possibility Church, Yaba, Lagos, says had the government of President Muhammadu Buhari performed well, people will not be agitating for secession.


In a video published on Wednesday on Possibility Tv, Elijah posited that moans from the public mean President Buhari is ‘not doing enough.

In recent times, there has been calls for the secession of Eastern and South-West Nigeria by prominent individuals such as Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Igboho. The government has gone tough on the duo though, drawing mixed reactions from the public. Now, Pastor Elijah has waded in.

“We must not be talking [about] voting while we are not talking about carrying the people along and bettering the plight of the people, and making sure that the security is everywhere,” the preacher said.

“Nobody is concerned about who becomes who. What everybody is concerned about is good governance. And the moment the good governance is in place, nobody will cry anymore, nobody will be running helter-skelter, everything will go the way it ought to go.

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“No matter what you are doing. As long as people complain, the doing [sic] is not enough. More need to be done. And you must know that ‘the more that people are agitating for is for you to come out.

“I want to let everybody know: if you are in authority, the best is what is needed at all time. You cannot sit 24/7, you need to give your best because when your best is explored, that means the best of the best is gotten. And that is when the people can be salvaged and moved to the next level. That is what people are praying for.”

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