Why Sheikh Gumi Should Be Branded As A Terrorist And FG Should Foreclose The Chibok Girls By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah - IReporteronline
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Why Sheikh Gumi Should Be Branded As A Terrorist And FG Should Foreclose The Chibok Girls By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah



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Why Sheikh Gumi Should Be Branded As A Terrorist And FG Should Foreclose The Chibok Girls By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

Terrorist :

A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


A robber or outlaw belonging to a gang and typically operating in an isolated or lawless area.

The above definitions of terrorism and banditry would form a guide while reading this article. Today Nigerians are terrified and sacred of an imminent war, the Federal Government is talking about war, the State Governors are crying out against insecurity and the citizens are not only confused they are excited about discussing this same war.

Warmongers everywhere like my Prof friend would say, come to think of it the problem we have is just leadership which lacks the willpower to do what is right.

It is no rocket science to put an end to all these insecurities facing us as a Nation but the truth is we have a leadership that is insensitive and followership that is hypocritical.

If I may ask what does it take the Federal Government to put an end to all this rubbish and nuisance going on? Both the bandits, the terrorist and of course the Unknown gunmen are all known and yet we say we have a crisis? What crisis do we have if not a failed leadership and holier-than-thou followers.

We have seen pictures of Northern Governors negotiating with bandits and terrorist face to face on a round table, what nonsense is that? What business does a Governor have with an outlawed group?

The bitter truth is that these criminals are friends to the government and hence the sentimental attachment to their activities.

Oh you can’t just wipe out 5000 bandits like that they are our brothers, bla bla bla , even the community where these bandits operate from are known and the people respect them and even take their problems to them hoping for a solution.

But ask yourself can this ever happen under a military regime? The answer is a capital no. Why because the military would treat all these acts as treason and a coup.

Imagine Sheikh Gumi coming out yesterday to tell Nigerians that the Federal Government should sponsor factional bandits to clash with the bandits killing people. Is Gumi Ok ? Na political party wey Governor go dey sponsor faction? Look how a learned man is speaking and we expect Nigeria to move forward? He should be thrown in jail alongside the bandits he counsels and fraternizes with. A friend of a terrorist is a terrorist.

Buhari has failed as regards stamping his foot down and I must say that with all sincerity, the Governors are crying babies and should hide their heads in shame. From Ortom to Wike to the Kano State Governor, they are all empty barrels making so much noise.

If they genuinely want to stop all this rubbish it’s very simple, make education compulsory and accessible by every Nigerian, give the basic amenities for artisans and entrepreneurs to thrive and you won’t see new members enlisting with these terrorist and bandits. We know Boko Haram goes about sharing bounties to entice followers.

Then for the State Government, they should do the same, create the enabling environment for their citizens to work and be rewarded. They should empower vigilantes with the right tools to operate and fish out these criminals. Take them through the required pieces of training.

Then for the followers that some of them behave like OZUO they should remove the log from their eyes and demand fairness irrespective of which political affiliation they belong to.

For example, Buhari tweeted that he would crush a rebellion by those fomenting trouble and the whole internet went wild, two days ago Wike said he would blow up the heads of IPOB members and he would feed them to vultures and yet nobody is talking about it.

PDP people see nothing wrong with what Wike said and see everything wrong with what Buhari said. Una mumu never do ? Must you politicize everything?

Let me ask you this honest question? Why are we still talking about the Chibok girls? Are they more important than the kids that are killed every day by robbers or bandits? Do you know how many kids are kidnapped daily in Delta, Edo, Lagos, Osun and other states? Why are the Chibok girls so special that they are still impediments in wiping out these terror organisations?

A government that rode to power through propaganda can not use the same propaganda to crush their enemies? It is very sad and indeed calls for soul searching and a reflection on our part. Sambissa should be’Raze to the ground’ with everything that is in the Sambissa.

Why are the camps of these killers still functional? So all the fighter jets they claim to buy can’t be deployed to bring every single breathing object down in those camps so Nigerians at large can have peace?

Look at Akpabio running to meet a fugitive(TOMPOLO) the Government declared wanted? Is that one well? What precedence are you setting for others? The FG should recall the wanted tag placed on Tompolo and declare him a freeman if it so wishes to negotiate with him.

Look at Kanu’s so-called police, ESN torturing  Igbos that refused to sit at home when they called for a sit at home order, he even threatened to snuff life out of a Vice-Chancellor in Imo. This same man that calls for blood like he is calling his wife would want to lead a Biafra Nation and yet his followers would still clap for him.

The whole circle surrounding this insecurity is faulty and the panacea lies between the Government, the People and the Criminals themselves.

From the look of things, the same snake wey bite one na take same tail to flog the rest.

The truth is bitter, we are not ready for a change as a Nation, either we enjoy the sufferings we are passing through or we are simply IGNORANT.

Let me conclude with this joke depicting how Nigerians are like.

They were three guys(One American, One Briton and finally One Nigerian) trapped in a deep hole for days and none could come out of the mess they found themselves. So fortunately the American noticed a “Genie Lamp” and rubbed the magical lamp, beyond a Genie appeared and told the three of them that they had one wish each to make. So the American asked that he should be taken back to America as a wealthy Merchant. Boom his request was granted.

Then the Briton asked that he should be taken to Dubai as a rich Prince with all the mansions at his disposal. So it was left for the Nigerian to make his own wish. The stupid man who was almost dying in the hole na looked at the Genie and Said , Bros i no understand oh so na only me them want make e dey for this hole? Which kind of nonsense be that abeg BRING two of them come back here no b only me go die for here? So that was how the Genie returned the two back to the hole to be with the Nigerian that could have easily have asked to become the president of Nigeria even. The rest as they say is history.

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