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The Leader You Need: Why Saliu Mustapha’s Candidacy For National Chairman Would Secure A Landslide Victory For APC



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Actually, political parties are basically a group of like minds who seek governmental power. Their primary role is to fix the political agenda and policies of the party.  So, each party tries to persuade people by claiming their policies are better than those of other parties.

A political party is thus only made up of three components,


*Active Members


Political parties are defined by their adherents, who sacrifice their time for the cause of the party and its ideology.

The journey to the 2023 general elections has officially begun with major political parties kick-starting the process to elect their party leaders, these party leaders would be saddled with the responsibility of producing the party’s candidates for the 2023 elections.

The All Progressives Congress, APC has started its national congress that would culminate with the election of the party national chairman. And party members are upbeat about the kind of leaders that would emerge from the congress.

APC as the ruling party has attracted so much attention and the outcome of this very congress would define a lot of things in the coming general elections and above all would determine if the party would gain or lose members.

One man who is currently shaking the timeline of the APC for his uncommon bid for the chairmanship race is Alhaji Saliu Mustapha the Turaki of Ilorin.

Seen as urbane and highly charismatic the chairmanship bid of Saliu is drawing so much attention from party members, stakeholders, and of course the electorate at large.

With a well-detailed agenda, many party members are of the opinion that Saliu Mustapha’s emergence as the National Chairman of the APC would deliver a landslide victory for the party across the 36 States of the federation.

Tagged B.R.I.D.G.E.S the agenda of Saliu Mustapha covers the key elements of participatory party administration, according to them Saliu Mustapha’s policy of inclusiveness is key in winning elections for the party.

Saliu Mustapha

This was how a top party chieftain rated Saliu Mustapha’s agenda for the APC,

“You see many so-called political parties, especially the opposition, make the mistake of relying on what newspapers tell them instead of developing ideologies that will win elections. With the ideological agenda of Saliu Mustapha, it is evident that the APC is set for a rebirth, and with the way he has carried himself so far then we are sure of a bumper harvest in the 2023 general elections”

Seen as a perfect bridge between the elders and various other stakeholders of the party, Saliu Mustapha may just be on his way to making history as a party chairman who is well accepted by party members and the general public.

As a former deputy national chairman of the defunct CPC, his administrative experience is an added benefit to his new quest in the APC. He is rated as a skillful administrator and seen as one who can handle the multifarious interest that lies within the party, his ability to marry all these interests together to the benefit of all Nigerians irrespective of political affiliations is what counts.

Governance itself is also on the verge of a fundamental renewal and Saliu Mustapha happens to be at the vanguard of a NEW GENERATION of POLICY MAKERS.

Alhaji Saliu Mustapha would serve as a link between the citizens and elected Government officers under the platform of APC.

Here is how one party stakeholder summed up the aspiration of Saliu Mustapha.

” I am delighted to be a member of the APC at this trying times of our nationhood when there is much uncertainty and distrust about party officials, the aspiration of Saliu Mustapha would definitely reignite the trust in political parties and I am certain that his emergence would see to a landslide victory in coming elections, Saliu Mustapha remains my top choice for APC national chairmanship position.”

Will the expectations of party stakeholders be met? Follow us on our social media platforms as we begin the countdown to the APC national congress.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah Writes in from Abuja.


Source iReporteronline.


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