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Tinubu You Are Our No 1: Why Gbajabiamila’s Visit To Tinubu Dey Sweet Our Belle As Osinbajo Plans Visit.



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Tinubu You Are Our No 1: Why Gbajabiamila’s Visit To Tinubu Dey Sweet Our Belle As Osinbajo Plans Visit.

As e dey pepper them na so e dey sweet our belle.

Some people go say one man’s poison is another man’s meat, person wey dey pursue elephant no dey stop for road stone bird.

Every day as the day breaks we take a step further towards the 2023 presidential election and like joke, like joke the date don near ground finish o. For some, they don’t have whom to throw support for while others are working round the clock to see their preferred aspirant emerge as the next president.

Politics anywhere in the world has its own peculiarity, just like the way a child must sit before he learns to crawl and walk how much more run.

You can not afford to sit on the fence, you must have your allegiance somewhere that only shows you are focused and it has nothing to do with conscience, everybody has a part to play towards enhancing development and democratic tenets. A man that does not believe in anything is a LOSER. Your belief drives your passion and makes you stay guided.

You see the Anti-Tinubu detractors have made it look like Tinubu is suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia(ss) , they will just paint a picture of someone that falls ill every now and then and like joke it would stick into the consciousness of the populace.

What more can I say? Tinubu is believed to have undergone knee surgery so no difficulty would be on his part towards becoming the next president but detractors have made it look like the Jagaban is on life support.

Anyway, the delegation that has been paying Tinubu a solidarity visit in London to say yes we dey kampe dey sweet our belle, it started with the Lagos State Governor, then in quick succession, Buhari and so many other high profile guests followed.

Yesterday the speaker of the House Of Reps, Femi Gbajabiamila paid the Jagaban a visit and of course, the Jagaban was looking so POSH.

As he dey pain dem na so e dey sweet our belle, Tinubu is our number one choice for the presidency and we are happy that he still tops the chart. Our labours shall not be in vain o. E b like our BANGA DO RIPE O.

Bush Radio sources say Prof Osinbajo is set to pay the Jagaban a visit in London to close the London chapter as the Jagaban prepares to return home.

See pictures of the Speaker’s visit to Tinubu in his London residence.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Principal of Bush Radio Academy.

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