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Tunde Bakare Launches ‘Nigeria-For-Nigeria’ Campaign To Rescue Nigerians From Buhari




Tunde Bakare, the senior pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, says a new Nigeria is about to come into manifestation, as he launches a new group to fight against the Buhari regime.

Tunde Bakare Preachin

Mr Bakare who once said that God told him President Muhammadu Buhari would stabilise the country, announced the new group named “Nigeria-for-Nigeria” in his recent sermon.

According to him, the group will be greater than the “Save Nigeria Group”, a pressure group which he convened in 2010.

The group mobilised Civil Society Organisations to rail against then-federal government, holding campaigns and protests to hold former ruling Peoples Democratic Party to account.

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“I am going to champion it and it will go like wildfire across this nation. Nigeria-for-Nigeria will be bigger than Save Nigeria Group,” the fiery pastor said.

He described the movement as one propelled by God to deliver Africa’s most populous nation from “oppressors”, stating that “it is a fight to finish.”

Speaking further, Mr Bakare, who was Mr Buhari’s running mate in the general election won by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, described Mr Buhari as “a commander-in-chief of nothing.”

“Sovereignty is not in your hand anymore, you are the commander-in-chief of nothing, except the people put you there,” he maintained, just as he reiterated that Nigerians will rise and demand their rights.

“And I dare you to try to stretch your hand against me like you have done to others, then you will know whether God sent me or I’m just empty and just making noise,” the cleric said.

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Mr Bakare recounted how he told Mr Buhari that he would become the president in 2015 and how it would take place, but said “when I talk now, I now have a smelly mouth.

“Nigeria-for-Nigeria; the time to save this country has come; the government can’t save us, the military can’t save us, the senate…Nigerians must rise and demand what is rightly theirs,” he reiterated.

Stating that he loved, served, and did all he could to make everything work for the president, the cleric stressed that Mr Buhari “turned against me and God has turned against you, get out of my way.”

He stressed that the “Nigeria-for-Nigeria movement begins from now and I am telling you I have a part to play in it. That new Nigeria is about to come into manifestation.

“These men that you say are nostalgic, these men that you say they are lepers, they are going to rise up with a kind of force that you have never seen before, they are going to demand their rights. Britain is not going to fix this country, America will not fix it,” the pastor added.

Mr Bakare also stated that he was no longer interested in visiting the president while declaring that “Now, it is war because Nigeria must be set free.”

The cleric who was a strong supporter of Mr Buhari in 2015, recently said Nigerians should not blame him for the president’s failures.

“The problems he inherited and the ones created by him will not make me say let’s throw the bathwater and the baby out. Are there some things that have been accomplished? You just have to come down and see things for yourself compared to where we were and where we are right now,” Mr Bakare said during an online event organised by PTB4Nigeria in Canada.


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