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(Video and Photos)Benin Residents Cry Out As Edo State Government Demolishes Car Wash, Shops Without Due Regard To Safety Of Lives



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Residents of Etete layout, off Countryhome hotel rd in Benin City have cried out over the demolition of business shops and properties by the State Government without due regard to the safety of lives and properties. According to the residents it was very insensitive for the government to just wake up one morning and demolish properties that are not illegal without any preceding notice.

From information gathered some men of the state ministry of works came in with bulldozers and started levelling some properties on Etete layout, off Countryhome hotel rd. Business shops, Carwash and some residential buildings were affected.

One of the Business Owners, M.C Koboko whose carwash was completely destroyed, decried the way and manner the ministry of works decided to carry out the action without any prior notice, negotiations or any form of communication at all.

“To my surprise, my secretary called me earlier today to say that they are some men from the ministry of works in my office that are there to carry out a demolition exercise, my carwash is not on government land neither is it obstructing the right of way, as a matter of fact, these properties destroyed are not even on a major road. The said properties in question have their necessary CofO.

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I can not even tag any justification as to why they came to destroy my place, it is just wickedness and totally out of place. I am confused if it was the governor that gave such directives or if it was the ministry of works who just decided to carry out such a heinous and wicked act. I personally laboured for long months before I could gather the resources to finally open this carwash, I employ ten staff and today these people are thrown out of jobs.

It is so sad that even in this recession the government would still go ahead and destroy people sources of livelihood, why should the government just decide to be insensitive to the masses? the government is not using this place, neither is it an obstruction anywhere. The Government is discouraging people to invest the little they have in operating small scale businesses.

We are tired of this country and government, I use this means to please call on the State Governor to urgently look into this our distress call.”

Another business owner whose shop was completely destroyed and preferred to speak under anonymity slammed the state government for its insensitivity on its citizens, especially coming at a time of recession when everybody In the country is struggling to make a living out of the difficult situation we find ourselves.

” This is pure wickedness, the govt can not just wake up and make us all homeless and with no jobs. Where do they want us to go from here? What are we going to do? We are tired of this govt and it was not what we bargained for. We are appealing with his excellency to assist us.”

The residents further stated that the demolishing of their properties carried out without prior notice or compensation is an infringement of their rights, claiming that the businesses of their people have also been displaced by the action of the government for no reason.

On Thursday the seventh of October men from the state ministry of works carried out a demolish exercise on some properties located at Etete layout, off Countryhome hotel rd in Benin City.

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