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Who Is In The Garden? More Accolades As Tinubu’s Presidency Breaks New Frontiers 




Who Is In The Garden? More Accolades As Tinubu’s Presidency Breaks New Frontiers

When growing up we used to play a favourite game called who is in the garden, it is a game that deals with curiosity till the last man standing is called to action.

It goes like this, everyone stands in a circle holding hands. The leader walks around outside the circle and sings, “Who is in the garden?” The group standing in the circle replies, “That’s a little small girl/boy.” The leader walks around outside the circle and says, “Can I come and see her?” The group replies, “No, no, no!” Then the leader says, “Now you follow me” and taps someone on the back. That person should follow the leader outside the circle.

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They keep doing this until there are only two left in the circle. Finally, the one left who wasn’t tapped has to chase and catch the other people. Then they start another round of the game. The person who had to chase everyone is the leader in the new round.

It was mad fun then, those fond memories come to mind when I see the rate at which leaders are queuing up behind Tinubu’s rumoured presidential ambition in 2023.

Who is actually In the garden? Lol, the way the opposition is fast rallying around Tinubu’s candidacy by number is indeed intriguing, it seems the reality of a credible opposition as an alternative to the Jagaban is very slim. The political scene is becoming clearer by the day.

Of recent, so many political big wigs especially from the opposition flank have shared their thoughts on why Tinubu’s presidency seems to be grand.

In a recent interview with some selected journalists, the former governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido spoke on the savviness of the political warlord as 2023 beckons.

‘In 2023, the emerging political scenario is that anybody with a personality, they would not put him there. If you put Tinubu there, he would bury Buhari’s achievement.

‘This is because Tinubu is focused, he knows what he is doing as a leader. He builds people, he builds the economy. He has so much going for him that they just envy him.

‘And therefore, they would never allow him to get to the Presidency because if he gets there, his achievements would simply bury Buhari’s and make nonsense of his Presidency. They would not allow him.’

Now take note, Sule Lamido himself is a likely presidential aspirant under the PDP for the 2023 elections. You see I always relish with joy when I see major political opponents applaud the sagacity of the Jagaban.

Attaining the position of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria involves a lot more than meets the eye, aside from having the sterling qualities of a leader, you must have the political clout to defeat the system within the system.

Not done some few days ago the media was awash with the narrative from Deji Adeyanju that APC Governors and Senators are fully behind Tinubu to succeed Buhari.

Now if you turn and ask your neighbour, say Neighbour who are the presidential aspirants you know? Tinubu must be mentioned whether or not he’s your neighbours choice candidate. Everyone is asking who is in the Garden? Everybody wants to know that amiable person.

Tinubu happens to be on the fast rise on his way to Aso Rock, his network keeps reaching out daily to every nook and cranny. Today most of the opposition is running the race for Tinubu one way or the other, in as much as they might have their reservations on a Tinubu’s candidacy none has denied the fact that the former Lagos State Governor is a genius, a master strategist and a hardworking politician who is detribalized.

So who is in the garden that everyone is curious to know? You still don’t know, then maybe you have to follow us then.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, senior correspondent Bush Radio Academy.

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