The chairman of Ikale Heritage Development Association, Otunba Sola Olatunji has called on all Nigerians to imbibe the lessons of Eid-el Kabir as Muslims all over the world celebrate the significant festival.

Otunba Olatunji in his felicitation message to Nigerian Muslims said the season is for love, unity and sacrifice urging all Nigerians to always remember these during their celebration and afterwards so as to heal the wounds of the country.

“Eid-el-Kabir teaches and reminds us of the meaning of sacrifice, love and forbearance with God and in our relationships with one another,” Olatunji said. “As Muslims significance of the celebration, today is rooted in peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and tolerance.”

The business mogul stressed that slaughtering of animals during the festive moment is to evoke and reinforce the consciousness of God in all our deeds and the willingness to obey God and make sacrifices..

“My heart rejoices with our Muslim friends and all Nigerians today, as we celebrate this Eid-el-Kabir faithfully. I wish you to have more fulfilling year and may Allah provide for all of your needs forever.

“I ask Allah to give you health, grant you wealth, guide you safely, make you smile, make you happy and grant you paradise. Barka de Sallah.