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Hilarious!! Lady Catches Boyfriend Sleeping With Another Woman In Her Room, Records The Scene Live On Facebook (Video)



lady catches boyfriend

Drama ensue as lady catches boyfriend sleeping with another woman in her room, records the scene live on Facebook

lady catches boyfriend

The lady was not at home and the guy decided to bring another lady behind her.

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Just when they were frolicking in bed, the main lady walked in to catch them.

In the video recorded live on Facebook, the man and the lady he was sleeping with were seen wearing their outfits as his girlfriend spoke in the background.

The distraught lady was heard saying that why she didn’t attack the woman she caught with her boyfriend was because she doesn’t know her.

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She also made remarks about them having sex on the floor with her blanket. She ended up throwing them out of the house she revealed was her old apartment.

Watch the Video Below:



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