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Southern Governors Have Betrayed Oath Of Allegiance, Office – Senator Adamu



BREAKING: Abdullahi Adamu Resigns (Details)

The Senator representing Nasarawa West senatorial district, Senator Abdulllahi Adamu, has condemned Tuesday’s resolutions of the Southern governors, while insisting that by their pronouncements, the governors have betrayed the trust reposed in them and violated both oath of allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and their oath of office.

This is as he vowed that secessionist drive and separatist agenda in the country will fail.

Senator Adamu spoke with journalists in Keffi, Nasarawa State capital on Thursday after observing the prayers to mark the end of Ramadan fasting period.

He said the gathering and subsequent resolutions of the southern governors is unconstitutional stressing that they failed to toe the line of constitutional procedure in their demands.

Adamu, a former governor of Nasarawa State, is one of the oldest serving senators since the inception of the 4th republic.

He said “the recent meeting of the Southern Governors Forum is an act of betrayal of their trust. Each governor pledged and swore to an oath and they emphasised loyalty to the sovereignty of this country. They pledged their loyalty to the President of the country.

That’s their oath of office.

“While we accept the fact that we have various forms of association and freedom of expression as citizens, they have failed to express their views through the right channel.

They are members of the National Council of State. Every governor is a member of the NCS.

It also included former presidents who are still living. There is no better forum at their level to take a joint decision than such forum.

“The fact that they have taking a decision as a divisive move, does not speak well of their intention. I feel it is a betrayal of trust. I think they are just playing to gallery. What they are saying is not new.

They are like broken record, saying the same thing over and over again. Why can’t they come to the appropriate body which is the National Assembly to project their ideas?.

“They have members in the National Assembly who are representing them, if they have an issue that is so important as that, which borders on the constitution of the country, they should go there and express their grievances.

We would sit, debate it and see how best we can come out of it. There can’t be Nigeria if everyone wants to have things happen in his or her own way.

“There is a constitution and there is a framework that we are supposed to operate as governors. To go outside it is a betrayal of their oath of office.
Each of them talking there, if you take a look at what is happening in their individual states, they cannot in all honesty and good conscience, challenge Buhari.

“Just take them one by one and see what they are doing in their states and what the people who voted for them are undergoing, is it Buhari that caused it?
Did Buhari withhold their federation account allocation? Did Buhari collect their internal revenue? It is just enough of this nonsense.

“I respect my colleagues, when we talk either in the Senate or House of Representatives, we listen to one another.

Anybody who wants restructuring should bring his proposal to the National Assembly as a private member bill. They have members who would bring it up.

I wonder why educated people, some of whom are lawyers, would just want to make noise to divert attention.

Our eyes are on the ball and they would remain on the ball. They can go on talking, Nigeria will remain a united country.”

The senator also expressed disappointment in groups and ethnic nationalities making secessionist move, stressing that such agitation is uncalled for.

“I’m a bit disappointed in those subversive elements calling for separation from Nigeria at a time when everybody should bow before their creator and pray for peace to reign in our land.

“Those clamouring for separation and secession in this country will fail by the grace of God because they do know as a matter of reality that their peace and prosperity is dependent on the stability and continued existence of Nigeria as a nation.

“We can’t succeed as smaller nations. We have to find a way of understanding ourselves as citizens so that we can work together,” he said.

Source: Daily Times

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