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What My Father Told Me About Peter Obi: Kebbi Native Opens Up As Nation’s Insecurity Deepens(Video)



Muhammadu Buhari Buhariiiii Buhari Mourns

What My Father Told Me About Peter Obi: Kebbi Native Opens Up As Nation’s Insecurity Deepens(Video)

Muhammadu Buhari Buhariiiii Buhari Mourns

The country is currently in the worst shape in its history, with statistics indicating that 70% of Nigerians use their total earnings just to feed themselves alone, in addition to a deteriorating health care system, failed education, bad governance, insecurity, and so many other ills that life expectancy is now an absurd 40 years of age.

With the general elections approaching, the only solution to Nigeria’s present slew of problems is simply strong and decent leadership, which Nigerians must hold sacred if they want to enjoy a new lease on life.

The country is today under siege, with such heightened insecurity that bandits not only have access to release their colleagues in FCT jails , but they have also started conducting a steady war against the military in order to remove the president.

Mustapha Lawan, a 50-year-old Kebbi State indigene, has opened up about what his 82-year-old father told him about the LP presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

Speaking to our senior correspondent at Bush Radio Academy, Smart Idemudia, the middle-aged man claims his father phoned him specifically to ask him to vote for Peter Obi. According to him, this should be considered as his last plea to his son before he departs this world.

” Just yesterday, after our troops were attacked at Zuma Rock in Abuja, I received a phone call from my 82-year-old father from Kebbi, who called to enquire about my safety, and he was heartbroken that the Labor of our forefathers were clearly in vain, as Nigeria has never had it so bad.

In order for the nation to experience a new lease on life, where life would be sacrosanct on its own, my father specifically begged that I take it upon myself as my civic responsibility to ensure that I and my loved ones cast our ballots for Peter Obi.

He stated that we have tried old hands, which has demonstrated that the enormity of the loads the country bears is well beyond the capacity of their shoulders.

He criticized the state of insecurity in the country, ranging from bandits and insurgency to kidnapping on our roads and the clear crash of our economy, which has reduced the Naira to the value of a tissue paper.

My father stressed the significance of a passionate president who would prioritize all of these challenges upon taking office. He maintained that we needed a proactive leader with the vigor, commitment, and political will to move the country ahead.

Finally, my father made it obvious to me that, of all the presidential hopefuls vying for the presidency, only Peter Obi stands out.” That is exactly how Lawan described his conversation with his father to our correspondent:

The worry of our 82-year-old baba is all that we are confronting as Nigerians across the 36 states of the federation. Nigerians are tired of the current suffering the country is experiencing, and the security concerns are not making things any easier for Nigerians. The country is in DISTRESS.

According to reports, the terrorists who assaulted a security checkpoint at Zuma Rock yesterday uploaded this footage that is currently trending online. Take a good look at what you see and sincerely ask yourself who amongst the army and terrorists is winning this war?

We can only hope that the video below is not true; otherwise, what would become of Nigeria?

See the video below.

Source iReporteronline.


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