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2023 RACE: Wetin Dey Sup? When Tinubu Dey Plant Democracy Una Dey Lick Lollypop



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“Wetin dey sup
When i dey hustle
You dey lick lollipop eh
Na you dey form robocop
But na today reality must come out”

Those were the indelible lyrics of Burna Boy’s smash-hit Run “My Race”. The song depicted the hard work and sweat people put behind their work to make them celebrated by admirers. It was a direct punchline to his haters who tend to see only the dark side of his personality when in reality he has paid his dues beyond the imagination of his haters and their own idols.

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Today I get amazed when some pundits ESPECIALLY FROM THE SOUTH throw aspersion on the personality of Tinubu just because the Jagaban seems interested in the 2023 presidential RACE, these detractors have taken it upon themselves to cast aspersion on Tinubu’s personality on every single occasion. It is funny because they have decided to run Tinubu’s race forgetting that the democracy they claim to enjoy today was facilitated by Tinubu and other patriots.

tinubu fc

Their envy would not make them see any further than the end of their nose. , if they should be fair in their reasoning then let them bring all the likely candidates and compare and contrast who is more worthy to get the crown if antecedents of governance and liberation are to be used as a yardstick. Even age as well should be included in the criteria in assessing all these aspirants.

Today the frontline aspirants across political parties are between 59 years and 75 years of age with Tinubu @ 69.

When all these lilliputians were busy licking lollypop and pursuing the proverbial Golden Fleece, Tinubu was planting the seeds of democracy with other patriotic Nigerians. His house was bombed and he was pursued into exile. He lost his investments and dedicated his all to the attainment of democracy.

In terms of leadership who amongst all these leaders can boast of keeping a political family together since 2007 after he left political office? Or was it his performance as Lagos State Governor?

When Atiku (age 74) who most likely would emerge as the PDP’s presidential candidate was stranded after Obasanjo gave him LEG OVER it was the same Tinubu that gave him shelter.

This same Buhari that was a serial contestant to the presidency found succour in Tinubu’s generosity. Now they want to run Tinubu’s race because when he was busy planting his undiluted network across the 36 States of the Federation they were busy watching TELEMUNDO.

Yesterday the news was abuzz that Northern Governors kicked against rotational presidency saying it was unconstitutional. So if the Northern Governors insist on retaining the presidency who then in the South would champion the south’s course to victory? These people would sit down and start whining saying WETIN CONCERN ME and feel unconcerned.

It is this same Tinubu that they are opening their mouth to say rubbish about that would have the capacity and clout to deal with any breach of an agreement between the North and South, he has done it before and would do it again.

So Tinubu is not fit to be president but can be a freedom fighter and liberator abi ? Tinubu can not rule but can be a kingmaker and still yet they would blame him if his choice of president fails.

Funny people everywhere, why won’t they allow Tinubu to contest by himself and face the consequences? Use and dump people.

People that can not fight for their rights are showing disdain for selfless leaders that have fought tyranny both in a military regime and democratic dispensation. They think power is gotten on a platter of gold, they should ask IBB what he saw when he tampered with Abiola’s mandate. The heat consumed IBB to date.

Tinubu is only good to fight for your rights and demands and his not good to rule? Wicked people.

To whom it may concern, make una follow Tinubu run him race, shebi una too wan crase?  If you NO like Tinubu my brother no be by force.

The reality is here Tinubu is going for president DEAL WITH IT.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and I am the principal of Bush Radio Academy.

Copyright 2021.

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