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Bride Seriously Disgraces Groom As She Refuses To Kiss Him At Their Wedding (Video)



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The video below shows a bride embarrassing the groom during their wedding ceremony after she refused to kiss him.

bride disgraces groom

In most weddings, the one command every couple looks forward to hearing is the one that orders or permits them the groom to kiss the bride.

Normally, when this instruction is passed out, the duo are usually eager to walk into their future with a seal of love.

Well, over time, it has been proven that this is not always the case. Some couples do not in fact get off on a good start, or better put, on a a good kiss.

A couple who are most likely Ghanaian by origin have set a yardstick when it comes to those whose first kiss does not exactly turn out right.

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With the case of this newly wed people, the bride was the one that made a deliberate attempt to foil the beautiful moment.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the bride, for unknown reasons, refused to return a kiss when her husband showed intent to kiss her.

Although her husband made several attempts, she refused to succumb and looked elsewhere, leaving her husband quite embarrassed.

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The bride’s behaviour towards her newly married husband left many of the guests disappointed.

Watch the video below as shared by atinkanews


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