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Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Arm, Claims Infidelity And Jealousy



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A Nigerian woman shared her heartbreaking story of having her arm amputated by her husband. Roselyne Victory O’Neill said her husband accused her of adultery and attempted to stab her.

O’Neill that her husband cheated and was the one cheating on her on their marital bed several times in the past. Now, she’s left with one arm after the attack.

She took to Facebook and claimed she caught her husband cheating on her several times during their courtship, but she forgave him.

The couple married on Nov. 24, 2018, after receiving negative results on their HIV tests. However, O’Neill discovered had tested HIV positive since 2017 but had kept the details from her.

She said that when she asked him about it, he told her that he owed her no justification.

She then had an HIV test done on herself and their baby child, forgave him and stayed in the union.

On Dec. 27, 2020, O’Neill worked late at night at her food stand due to the festive season and holiday rush. She said she was too tired and called a cab driver to take her home, but wasn’t picking up her calls.

She decided to sleep on her stall. The next morning, she heard her husband storming at her and called her derogatory names. Before O’Neill could defend herself, her husband struck her with a knife.

Her husband was angry for not killing his wife, so he decided to stab O’Neill in the legs as well. She lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. O’Neill received three surgeries.

Her arm had to be amputated because of the infection caused by the knife.

After regaining her consciousness, she discovered her husband seeing other women and won’t pay the full amount needed for her treatment.

Her case is now in court where O’Neill said she’s done with the marriage and now calls him her “ex-husband.”

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