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Love And Scam ; Religion And Politics – UEP



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It is the first day of April, the 4th and the fools month and our government plays the joke with Us like every other time. Inflation has never looked realer than it is in everyday life now, it is no more big grammar and the lame man on the street feels it so much now that you need not explain to him. Sachet pure water now sells for N20 per sachet and I personally expect fuel to hit N300 before 2023. Nigeria’s under development is caused by forces within and outside its immediate continent, with leaders from the past deceived and confused by Love in form of Religion, present leaders ridden in Scam, vast in fraudulent methods, playing with the future, all in the name of Politics and future leaders, a few drawn by true Love for their country and many more Scammers, way worst than the leaders of today, just waiting patiently to loot what’s left of the country if they ever make it to been leaders too.

Nigeria, when considered critically with no sentiments, is a crazy set up, so crazy, nothing looks real and nothing is taken seriously. The government of Nigeria can not identify a corpse with bio-metrics technology that is old news to the world yet they fund pilgrimages in the billions to facilitate religious desires; The government of Nigeria has no single social justice system, provides no water, no security, no health package, no single welfare plan to help tax payers but yet pay pensions to Ex-governors in the millions still with tax payers money; The government of Nigeria can not boast of 36 working helicopters for fighting crime yet a common local government chairman in any state can boast of having more than 2 cars, both of recent model; The government of Nigeria pays convicted senators and house of rep members in the billions more than they pay teachers, doctors, policemen, nurses and other profession, the minimum wage of N30,000 a month which is approximately $78 is still a dream when an Ex-Governor’s aide is been paid pension in some states in the millions, If that isn’t crazy to you, nothing is sane in you or you are an Ex-Governor. The government of Nigeria settles bandits handsomely, you might consider becoming one to cash out big if your conscience doesn’t stop you, bandits been a name my government call local terrorists who commit mass murder, kidnapping, rape and rob a large community of persons every time they strike, of their peace and humanity yet the governors in the north thinks they are repentant brothers that needs more cash than teachers who teach the future not to turn out like the so called bandit and all this is happening in a region with lesser number of tertiary institution compared to slaughter houses for their cows. I would speak of more madness but that would be a waste of time telling you all what you already know.

Religion, Money, Politics: A Cycle Feeding Itself - Silver Monthly

The government of Nigeria knows nothing, they never know what’s going on, they play politics with their own made rules and try to dissuade others from joining in. They make lawyers, head transport, housing and power fields then doctors in charge of engineering projects, more madness. They say things on record and deny later, restate on record and deny openly again, you ask one official to explain what’s going on and he points fingers to another authority, that points to another, they stall, then sweep it under the carpet……….”Honorable speaker is OKAY”.

The clergies on the other hand are always looking like the saints especially on Fridays and Sundays, there are more churches in Nigeria than there are in 4 West Africa nations put together and more mosques than in Egypt. We have church buildings with budgets bigger than a public university, pastors richer than the most skilled surgeon or professor. Pastors rolling with weapons for protection, Imams rolling with the same. These custodians of religion live way above the simple nature of their founding fathers, they live a lifestyle, years of schooling and hard work might not get you, they own private businesses making billions and still don’t act like the church, Jesus did feed 5000 with the little he was provided. They play mute and dumb when government policies makes life harder for common men who attend their religious places but yet speak up when one of such law was directed towards their hustle and its accounts. Many are political in nature already making them the worst set to deal with, they host governors in this venues and are scared to shit to preach what’s gone affect the church offerings. They ask us to come to churches when we are sick but they go to hospitals because they can afford it. They preach LOVE but lack it, they support vices knowingly with their eyes wide shut. They see visions always but keep moving without a vision.

Religion and Politics is killing this nation faster than anything you can imagine. Love is the weapon used but its effect is been used to exploit the people. When the clergies and the leaders in government fail to show love to their fellow brothers but choose to keep us hungry, that my friend is a Scam. For as long as a man is hungry, he is weak and would bow to any reason to get food, money or knowledge on how to stop that hunger. The government of Nigeria hid palliatives from its citizens and the clergies never tell you to stop making offerings. As we count down 2023, be ready for anything and be sure 2020 was not the last of repulsion this nation is gone witness, we are in for a long run to the Nigeria of any Nigerian’s dream.

– Uwagboe Etinosa Paul

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