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No More Oil Money: FG Vs State Governors Who Has Fared Better?




No More Oil Money: FG Vs State Governors Who Has Fared Better?

Last week the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki jolted the political class with a bombshell when he accused the Federal Government of printing an additional 50 to 60 Billion to help shore up the Federal allocation to be shared amongst states monthly.

This revelation indeed is alarming if authenticated to be true. Stating the risk of inflation in printing currencies not backed with output is obvious even to the blind.

Of course, there has been much furore over Obaseki’s alarm, but the truth be the case, between the Federal Government and State Governments who has fared better?

According to the Edo State Governor, the country can no longer sustain sharing of money in Abuja in another year.

Also he mentioned the constant taking of loans by the Federal Government.

In order to do justice to my analysis, I would use Obaseki as a Point of Contact to the majority of the State Governors.

Now Obaseki talked about diversification as an alternative means to crude oil, funny enough the Federal Government talks about diversification as well.

All Obaseki mentioned applies as well with the Federal Government and the state. Aside from the allocation States get as an accrual to their monthly revenue they also borrow to administer their state.

The same applies to the Federal Government. Obaseki and other state governors have over time showcased their different diversification formula to make their state work. Same thing the Federal Government does.

Another key factor to be considered here is that the state and federal governments are administered by politicians.

My comparison is strictly on what is available on the ground by both parties which in this case refers to the Federal Government and State Government.

In other words, whatever any advice or any motion a state governor moves in diversifying his state economy the Federal Government is still into same, so let us access from what is on the ground and not what they both want us to believe i.e the State and Federal Government who happens to be manned by the same politicians.

This comparison is strictly out of audio promises or virtual presentations.

It might be worthy of note that the Federal Government has visible projects in all the 36 States of the federation in at least 4 different MINISTRIES eg like health, transportation, agriculture, education etc.

How many States has visible projects in all their Local Governments in the State? Edo State as a case study has 18 LGA, how many can we see projects ongoing in all the local government councils executed by the State Government?

Not to talk of in at least four different ministries? Some State does not even have functional ministries again. Take for example FERMA is still very active and directly involved in some project executions across the States, does Edo ministry of works still exists? Funny enough  Edo State is even far better than other States.

A tour around most of the local governments across Nigeria shows little or no project on the ground executed by the State Governors.

The Governor spoke about creating an alternative means to crude and loans, lets ask ourselves which State can SURVIVE without Federal Allocation and what have they done to be able to function without this allocation?

In the nearly 5 years of Obaseki’s Governance in Edo State, how much alternative money was earned aside from the Federal Allocation and the internally generated revenue made from taxes?

How many years would it take to start earning alternative income?

If these State Governors are sincere let them show us the growth rate of employment as a result of the diversification they have done no matter how little.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Transportation, Education and a few others are undertaking multiple projects in all the 36 States of the Federation.

How many visible projects can be seen in all the 18 LGA’s of Edo State no matter how little by any ministry?

Governance is all about creativity, Nigerians are even surprised that we still earn money at all from crude oil, so telling Nigerians that trouble looms is the usual gimmicks from these politicians who have refused to be creative and invest in genuine diversification but yet play to the gallery of the voice of the STREET.

These Governors who pride themselves as successful businessmen in their respective careers have failed to translate their so-called business savviness into governance.

Why should a State with arable lands and huge constitutional rights be warning its citizens of an impending loom when their duty as CEO’s of their State or as the President of the Federation is to think and act on behalf of the citizens they govern.

With the enormous constitutional backing and support, what business do citizens have to learn that their country is about to crash? When Lagos was not having allocation for years did Lagos SINK?

So if the Federal Government can not diversify its economy what stops the State from doing theirs?

Then take a look at the Local Government Councils across Nigeria, how many are their council chairmen working?

These are the sectors closer to the people, now, in addition, the Federal government still augments and supports States in bailout funds to pay salaries, provision of subvention in certain sectors and many more benefits.

For example, NDDC announced each NIger Delta State received the sum of 100 Million as Covid-19 grants.

Talking about Coronavirus even the palliatives the Federal Government spent billions in purchasing to be distributed across the States were hijacked by some State Governors.

To conclude my analysis I would without fear or favour state that both the Federal Government and State Governments are deceptive in the audio promises of diversification.

But in as much as their deceit is registered, from works available to showoff then the Federal Government has fared better than the state who according to the Edo State Governor assemble every month in Abuja only to just collect allocation and spend.

Nigerians are tired of audio promises, elected officers should please do the needful and stop reminding us the citizens that we live in HELL, all we want to see are the results of our VOTES.

Las las na the snake wey bite State na bite Federal Government, audio promises backed with no action on ground.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

Source iReporteronline.

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