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Obaseki Vs Oshiomhole: How Ego May Stall Development In Edo State As Oshiomhole Triggers Internet Sensation



Obaseki and Oshiomhole
Obaseki Vs Oshiomhole: How Ego May Stall Development In Edo State As Oshiomhole Triggers Internet Sensation
I may have to repeat the story of the Tortoise and his father-in-law, I would summarize it as much as possible.
The Tortoise’s father-in-law was the king and the Tortoise was caught stealing.
The law states that whoever is caught stealing should be tied to a tree at the market square for 24 hrs as a deterrent to others because the King was fair he had no choice but to subject Tortoise to the MAXIMUM punishment.
At the expiration of the punishment, the Tortoise offered to spend another 24 hrs at the market square to show the King he was truly sorry for his misconduct, the King feeling pleased obliged him saying the son-in-law was a good man.
When the Tortoise was sighted after the expiration of the 24 hrs still tied to the tree the people got angry and the King received a backlash for his insensitivity, the people said the maximum punishment was already melted out to the Kings favourite in-law so why an extension for another 24 hrs, if not that the King is wicked and has a harmful purpose.
I have followed all discourse on every Edo political platform, the discussions that are debated daily is Obaseki and Oshiomhole’s popularity.
Before the Edo elections majority of these platforms were contributing positively in discussions on how Edo State would be great.
They passionately exchanged ideas constructively even when members were across party lines.
The election came and everyone took sides, since then till it is either Obaseki or Oshiomhole. If concerted efforts are not made in praising Obaseki for defeating Godfatherism the efforts would be channelled to how Oshiomhole was wicked and heartless.
They keep repeating this stale conversation even after six months the Gubernatorial elections were held and Obaseki was declared the winner by INEC.
Sadly, the majority of these people who are highly cerebral and educated have descended so low that the only topic they can discuss is Obaseki vs Oshiomhole even when a winner has emerged.
Let me drop some facts for us to go and ponder about, are you aware Obaseki has spent roughly 5 years as Edo State Governor?
Are you aware that Obaseki barely has about 3 years left as Edo State Governor?
Like the case of the tortoise and his inlaw, what else do they want from Adams Oshiomhole?
He was removed as the National Chairman of the biggest party in Africa, call it humiliation or whatever you choose to please your fancy the fact remains that he was removed and lost control of the State as well.
So won’t Edo State move forward because a so-called Godfather was dethroned?
If we are happy that we defeated a so-called Godfather then we should be seen to implementing the things that we say the Godfather stopped the State from undertaking such as massive development and infrastructural growth.
Instead, Oshiomhole is discussed among the followers of Obaseki with so much hate that they have failed to ask for accountability from who they have voted in.
Only a non-productive and creative human being would keep complaining about the past and yet refuse to ask for a better future.
These people I call hypocrites, in their personal life, would preach the gospel of forgetting the past and concentrating on the present for a better future.
They will say it to their loved ones, at their places of work etc. If they don’t have who to tell they would post it as their status message.
You will see messages like, “Living in the Past? 7 Ways to Let Go and Live a Happy Life”, some would say, “Past is the journey that has ended.”
In every contest, a winner must emerge, agreed Oshiomhole was defeated but why is he still the subject of GOVERNANCE today in Edo State?
Like the Tortoise and his father-in-law, Oshiomhole was the best friend to Obaseki during his eight years of administration.
Obaseki even served as the best man in Adams Oshiomhole’s marriage to his beautiful wife.
Or should Oshiomhole’s head be offered like the way John the Baptist’s head was offered to the daughter of Herod before these set of people would be pleased?
So if Davido did not win the grammy Nigeria won’t work because he lost and Burna Boy won abi? After all, politicians are entertainers and celebrities too.
Let me list some hard facts going on in the state today that should instead be the subject of dialogue.
Today Benin City the capital of the State has no nightlife, Agberos have taken control of the streets with extortion the order of the day.
Bussines owners are crying out loud, the State remains in darkness and no meaningful infrastructural work is going on.
The State has no functional state executives, no political aides and no Local Government Council Chairmen across the 18LGA.
Armed Robbery is another subject matter instead of proferring solutions they will find a way to call Adams Oshiomhole’s name as the cause of the rising insecurity.
Edo people were promised a functional refinery and uninterrupted power supply due to some reforms implemented by the State Government, today the State is still in darkness and no one is offering information on the way forward.
Meanwhile, the same Adams Oshiomhole triggered an internet sensation after he publicly apologised to the Benue State Governor for an erroneous statement he made during the build-up to the 2019 general elections.
Oshiomhole apologised to the Benue State Governor after an out of court settlement was reached with his friend.
“Owing to the relationship we share and in the larger interest of peace, harmony and brotherliness, I believe a complete retraction of my comments made on 27th July 2018, and which Dr Samuel Ortom found offensive is proper and necessary”-Adams Oshiomhole.
Same people who have refused to let Adams Oshiomhole be conjured all sorts of tales around the retraction.
All these same people that make retractions to their wives at midnight over careless statements they might have made earlier in the day due to an argument are here pointing accusing fingers at Adams who as a comrade made an apology to a dear friend.
It is high time Edo State face governance and jettison this repeated popularity contest between Godwin Obaseki and Adams Oshiomhole, it is gradually becoming an impediment to the progress of the State.
Maybe after eight years of Obaseki’s administration, we shall gather and kill a cow and say the legacy left behind by Obaseki was the destruction of Adams Oshiomhole.
If we want a better future we must consider the past as a learning opportunity and we must accept that the past is gone and make a commitment to grow and grow better.
Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.
Source iReporteronline.
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