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Pantami Shares Ideology With Fulani Terrorists, Bandits Destroying Nigeria – Fani-Kayode



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A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has alleged that the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami, has the same ideological thinking with the Fulani terrorists, bandits and other criminals destroying Nigeria.


Fani-Kayode on Thursday in his article noted that Pantami and his likes present a grave danger to “our people and our society” and the sooner he is dropped from President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet, the better.


The former minister stated these in an article, titled, “A cold-blooded beast called Isa Pantami.”


Fani-Kayode said, “Building bridges across religious, regional and ethnic lines and seeking to establish the peace between hitherto hostile groups and warring factions in our country does not include tolerating the presence of or fellowship with those who seek to kill our people, wipe out our Christian faith, destroy our values and norms and change our way of life.


“No single religion can lord it over another in our country because ours is a secular state with constitutional guarantees for members of all faiths.


“I utterly despise those extremists that think and behave like Pantami and I have nothing but sheer contempt for all that they stand for and seek to achieve.


“I consider the millions that have been slaughtered in the East, West, Middle Belt and core North in the name of Jihad and sectarian violence over the last 60 years and I shudder with anger and disbelief.


“The good news is that the Muslims in our country that think like Pantami are relatively few. They do not represent the mainstream Muslims of Nigeria and neither do they represent the North. They represent only the Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, ISIS and the Taliban.


“They are also ideologically coupled and embedded with the foreign Fulani terrorists and bandits that have plagued our land, that are killing our people, that are tormenting our farmers, that are raping our women and that have a strange and inexplicable affection for cows.


“Not only is the cold-blooded beast called Pantami not fit to be a Minister of the Federal Republic but he is also not fit to walk our streets freely because he presents a grave danger to our people and our society. The sooner he is dropped from President Buhari’s cabinet like a hot potato and brought to justice, the better. The world is watching.”


Fani-Kayode warned that the “mass murder, religious cleansing and endless, godless blood-letting that we have witnessed over the years against Christians” should not continue.


“Both the Muslims and Christians of Nigeria must all be protected and treated fairly and equally under the law and neither must be killed or persecuted for their faith. There is no room for fundamentalism on either side,” he added.

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