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Tinubu: A Visionary, Creativity and Builder of Strategist Champions



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Tinubu: A Visionary, Creativity and Builder of Strategist Champions

God created human in his image and likeness and gave men Power and the Ability to think out of the box and be Creative and Innovative. That is why the Holy Bible made us to believe we are the chosen Generation. The Apple of God’s eyes. The Salt of the earth and The light of the world.

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God gave us Dominion, Liberty, Sound Brain and Total Freedom. Remember that Liberty, Brain and Total freedom is for us to touch lives positively. Ask yourself, Have I touched lives? Have I raised someone or people in needs and made them happy? Are mine a builder of men and Women? These are questions we should ask ourselves because God Almighty want us to touch lives positively.

When you find yourself in a Leadership position, touch so many lives, help people, lift as many has you can lift up, build men and women, continue to help, serve your people well, Always be kind, Be open to all. Give and keep giving, Be a listening leader and always have solutions to challenges & problems around you. Go out of your way for people to be happy if necessary. Mentor people, Raise leaders and make them Champions. Learn to forgive and be accessible.

If you do all these, you will continue to be loved by so many people even when you see some uninformed, unnecessary haters and envious people hating for no clear reason. The love of many for you will supersede their hates.

These are some of the secrets of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He left power in 2007 that almost 15years ago without contesting for any elective position like Presidency, Senate or becoming a Minister. Positions most of his mate and people after him have been contesting because they still want to be relevant. He is still powerful and so relevant today in Nigeria than most of them. In a society we all know that immediately you leave office you find almost nobody behind you.

Hardly can anyone mention just Three Ex-Governors that left office same time with him and still command that level of respect and relevance in Nigeria today. NONE!

Tinubu built people and still building. A lot of his commissioners, Special advisers, Personal Assistants, Head of Agencies when he was Governor between 1999-2007 were young intelligent people then in their late 20s, 30s and 40s. Some of them today are Top Business men, Vice President, Governors, Ministers, Senators, Rep members, and Professors.

He loves the Youths and shows so much love to the old. I don’t think any Presidential hopeful will carry the youth along and give them opportunities like Tinubu will do if he becomes President come 2023. The Youth must support him and get fully involved when he finally declares to run for President of Nigeria and Participate in this movement.


Prince Olatayo T. Adepuji
Coordinator TSO FCT

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