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Truth Only: How Ayo Fayose Shut Down Tinubu’s Haters, Says the Jagaban Is A National Leader Greater Than Him



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Truth Only: How Ayo Fayose Shut Down Tinubu’s Haters, Says the Jagaban Is A National Leader Greater Than HIm

It may take a lot of time to fabricate a lie but the truth only takes seconds to elevate – African Proverb.

Former Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Peter “The Rock” Fayose has set the internet on fire with his endorsement of Tinubu’s leadership.
You know they say it is better to be punished for telling the truth than to be rewarded for saying lies. In a recent interview with Daily Independent, Peter the Rock came hard at haters of Tinubu who accused him of not saying anything negative about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s leadership, they query why he hails the political sagacity of the Jagaban.

The ebullient former Ekiti Governor popularly known for his stomach infrastructure initiative has given Tinubu’s traducers reasons to rethink their sadistic stance towards the Jagaban.

In dishing out a fatal punch Fayose said “On the issue of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, we were governors at the same time but when you measure life by size, he is bigger than me. That is the reality. We are from the same zone but have I achieved what he has achieved? No! But that does not mean that somebody will not grow past him one day”.

Nothing tastes more bitter than the truth. Those words alone have sent shock waves across to the naysayers who are not even bothered that their preferred presidential aspirant has not yet surfaced or rather still chickened out even before the official commencement of the race.

Of course, Fayose eulogized other leaders as well in the widely reported interview. But the fact remains TRUTH NO DEY BREAK TEETH.

Tinubu is way too big, the reality is that elections are not won by cooking up jaundiced junk stories about Tinubu, the energy and vibe used in Trolling Tinubu should have been channelled into looking for their credible alternative to succeed Buhari.

Tinubu who obviously has not made his intentions known in any way is enjoying the spotlight for so many reasons.

The former Lagos State Governor is seen in many quarters as one who can rescue the economy and turn Nigeria around for total greatness however a good product must attract envy. Tinubu’s defamers have tried unsuccessfully to put all the blames of life on the former Lagos State Governor.
From personal wahala to Nigeria and even the problems of the world Tinubu must be referenced by these begrudging, jealous and resentful people as the mastermind.

As usual, it was Gbas Gbos for the haters as Tinubu seems to be on a highway.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

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